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Campers in Leadership Training

The Camper in Leadership Training Program (CILT) is for campers entering 10th or 11th grade who have an interest in developing skills for working in a camp or other youth service organization. The CILT program mixes traditional camp activities and fun with a rigorous leadership training program. If you are interested in applying for the CILT program, read the following program details and complete a camper application.

CILT Program Dates:

July 11 – July 25, 2016
July 25 – August 8, 2016

Application Process:

To be considered for the CILT program, each applicant must complete a camper enrollment form with $350 deposit. Enroll online at the link on the right column of this page. Applicants will then receive a CILT questionnaire and return it along with two letters of recommendation. Once we have received all of an applicant’s paperwork, enrollment as a CILT will be confirmed. Program Overview:

CILTs spend two weeks in an intense leadership training program. The expectations and privileges of CILTs are unique to camp. First and most importantly, CILTs are seen by other campers and staff as leaders. CILTs are regarded as role models to other campers. Each CILT is expected to behave in a camp appropriate manner without significant staff direction and supervision. The CILT program is very demanding physically and mentally. There will be less sleep and lots of constant activity. CILTs should be prepared for this adventure, so they can tackle the challenge personally and as part of the group.

Program Outline:

  • CILTs no longer participate in as many camp programs or other events as they did as campers. For example, CILTs do not participate in badge work.
  • Red Cross First Aid training: This will require some reading plus a written and skills test.
  • CILTs participate in leadership skills and outdoor ethic sessions. Developing these skills helps build strong leaders at camp, in school and possibly, as a future staff member.
  • CILTs plan the Saturday Special Event. It is very important that CILTs are positive and enthusiastic for these events, as others will be feeding off their energy.
  • A Service Project is also important to CILT development. Previous CILT projects include trail building, fennel removal and playground refurbishment.
  • The CILT Trip gives future camp leaders an opportunity to leave camp and spend time alone as a group. The trip is physically demanding. CILTS will hike the Trans-Catalina Island Trail, covering over 30 miles in 3 days.

Important note for Parents of CILTs: CILTs will not be at camp on Parents Day!

The CILT program is the first step towards potentially becoming a CIT or staff member at CIC. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

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