Counselors in Training (CIT):

CITs are volunteer staff at Catalina Island Camps. All participants need to have applicable skills that qualify them to work with children.


The purpose of the CIT program is to allow interested young people the opportunity to be trained and actively participate in the activities, tradition, maintenance and operation of CIC. This is the 2nd step, after our CILT program, for former campers to become staff members.  CIT participants will have the opportunity to specialize in a program area during the second week:


June 22- July 6
July 6 – July 20
July 20 – August 3


CITs must commit to a two week session.


1. All applicants must have completed previous training as a CILT at Catalina Island Camps, or equivalent training.

2. All applicants must have a current First Aid and CPR certificate before they arrive at camp.


Prospective CIT participants need to complete an application. Applicants under the age of 18 also need parental approval. Remember that being a Camper or CILT does not guarantee acceptance. Once your file is complete and has been reviewed you will be contacted by email to schedule an interview. Applicants, not their parents, should handle all aspects of the application process.


  • Enthusiastically participate in all training sessions, camp activities and traditions.
  • Live with a group of campers and provide active and positive leadership under the guidance of a staff member.
  • Follow and support all camp policies and procedures.
  • Collaborate with the entire staff to provide a safe, enriching camp experience for all.


CITs will be scheduled for daily Time-off (1 ½ – 2 hours) and a 10-hour daytime Time-0ff per week.


Each CIT shall present a neat, well-groomed appearance at all times. Beards, extreme sideburns, unconventional hairstyles or hair color are at the discretion of Camp Directors. Men are permitted to wear stud earrings only. No staff member or CIT may wear studs or rings in any other part of their body.

CIT Training Outcomes:

As a result of being in the CIT program at Catalina Island Camps, each CIT will:

  • Be able to gain an understanding of the Mission and Outcomes of CIC
  • Learn how to lead a group of children
  • Learn how to communicate with children individually
  • Build upon current base of leadership skills (identification, evaluation and transformation)
  • Develop and appreciate for the natural environment

Minimum Qualifications

Entering 11th or 12th grade
Successful completion of prior CILT or Equivalent program at Catalina Island Camps
Desire and ability to work with children in the outdoors
Ability to accept supervision and guidance
Good character, adaptability, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience & self-control
Current CPR and First Aid certification
Responsible To: Leadership Coordinator

General Responsibilities

  • Attend scheduled CIT training activities
  • Assist and learn from assigned co-counselors,
  • Identify and meet camper needs
  • Fulfill other staff member administrative roles and support the practices, rules and policies of Catalina Island Camps
  • Supervise all assigned aspects of the camper’s day when not participating inscheduled CIT training.
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