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Thank You for your interest in Catalina Island Camps. The 2017 Summer Staff application is available. You can submit an application at any time and if we have any openings we will contact you.

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The 2017 summer employment application is here!

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Summer Camp Jobs

A job as a CIC counselor is extraordinarily demanding and you should only consider applying for a position if you love working with children and staff in a close-family environment. Life at camp requires staff members to sacrifice their normal living habits and serve as role models to our campers. This job is not for everyone! Successful counselors are dynamic, energetic and patient people who thrive on being outdoors and recognize that children need support and encouragement to be responsible adults. It is our experience that counselors who love being outdoors and don’t mind being dirty, get the most out of their time at camp.

The success of CIC is due, in large part, to the quality of the staff we hire. We have campers return year after year and when we ask them why, they often reply, “Because I loved my counselor.”

In order to be considered for employment at CIC you must meet the following criteria:

  •   Staff members must be 19 years old and graduated High School. ( We ask that International Staff are at least 21 years old )
  •   Staff must be available for the entire summer  of June 3rd through August 16th, 2015  (Waterfront Specialist must be available May 31st )                                                                    
  •   Be First-Aid and CPR certified upon arriving at camp ( American Staff). Waterfront Specialists must also be Lifeguard certified upon arriving at camp. (Waterfront Lifeguard Training provided at camp).
  •   Obtain a required pre-camp physical examination or be able to have a physician verify your health by signing your health form.
  •  Submit to a drug screening during staff training in accordance with the Catalina Island Camps, Inc. Substance Abuse Policy. Participate in our Child Abuse Prevention course prior to employment.
  •    Be willing to maintain a well-groomed appearance during the entirety of your employment. Beards, extreme sideburns, unconventional hairstyles or hair color are at the discretion of Camp Directors.  Men are permitted to wear stud earrings only. No staff member may wear studs or rings in any other part of their body (studs in ears are acceptable.)
  • Be able to move lots of luggage approximately up to 50lbs.

International Staff

If you are from outside the United States and are interested in being part of the CIC team, please contact us for information about coming to the United States as a camp counselor through a cultural exchange program. International staff may submit an application to Catalina Island Camps but need to apply through an international exchange company in their home country. International staff typically fill the positions of activity instructors. As a cultural exchange program, international staff are given pocket money and room and board in exchange for their participation in the camp program. Amounts are different than the regular salary of American staff.

Impact the Lives of Children

A job as a CIC counselor is an opportunity to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of children. You will be asked to be a leader and role model for a group of children twenty-four hours a day. Your campers will want you to play with them, tie their shoes and talk about life. They will want you to be their friend and confidant. You will also need to be mature enough to tell a camper “no”, repeatedly encourage them to clean up the cabin and coach them to being a better cabin mate. Most importantly you have to manage the temporary tension these things create between the two of you. These are difficult things to do and they require a person who is flexible and patient.

Lifelong Friends

While role modeling for campers is the most important aspect of your job, being a counselor also provides an incredible opportunity to develop friendships with other staff. There is something special about living and working with people who share your enthusiasm for working with children. At the end of the summer you will be amazed at the friendships you have made with



CIC hires staff on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply the better, but there is a deadline. What this means is that around mid-March, we will temporarily place a hold on hiring, if we have all positions filled. If we still have open positions, we will continue hiring, until all positions are filled. This can even be a couple of weeks before camp starts. If you have a completed application, it is a better bet that we will contact you. Remember, an application cannot be considered until both references have been received.

Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed by our team, and if certain criteria is met, you will be notified via email for an interview. Our interview process consists of  an initial screening interview via Skype. This is just a general, get to know you interview and talk about the basics of camp.  If you are invited for a second interview, this interview is done in person or over SKYPE. In addition to the two interviews, we will verify your references, past experience, former & current employers.

When the interview process is complete we will review your entire cache and make a hiring decision. Decisions are over the phone, via skype or email. Although an immediate response is not required, we do have deadlines to meet.  Once we receive your confirmation, we will send all pertinent paperwork.

Salary & Travel

Salary starts at $245 per week for a 1st year staff member. A travel stipend is provided to you based upon where you are traveling from. This is included in your first paycheck. What this means is you just need to make it to Los Angeles (LAX is the airport) , however you choose, by train, plane or grandma’s station wagon.  Salary increases based on years at camp.  Room & Board is provided.


As a staff member you will live in a cabin with up to 10 campers and a co-counselor. The cabins are rustic one-room, single-wall structures with canvas covers over the windows. You will sleep on a bunk bed, which has a single mattress. The showers at camp are individual locker room style and there are several faucets in each bathroom that are also shared. As you can see there is little privacy at camp and you need to be comfortable living this way to have a successful experience as a staff member.

Staff Lounge

CIC provides a staff yard and a lounge with sofas and Satellite TV. The staff yard has several picnic tables to eat meals at on your time-off.  We also have small storage lockers that are available for you to store personal items for use on your time-off.

Staff Patrol & Curfew

Living and working with a group of children is very demanding. Patrol is an important opportunity for you to have personal time to write letters, watch TV, talk on the phone or hang out with other staff. Once your campers are in bed and on their way to sleep, you have the opportunity to leave your cabin to unwind. It is important to remember that this is not time-off. If your campers are behaving poorly or need additional assistance, you may be called upon to provide this. At this time, 3 staff members in Boys & Girls camp monitor the areas to make sure campers are asleep and taken care of. Every staff member is assigned a patrol duty once a session.

At 11:30 PM you must check in with patrol and return to your cabin. (Don’t worry, you’ll be tired.) The reason we have a curfew is so that the patrol staff can go to bed and the campers can continue to be supervised.

During this patrol time we also hold a weekly staff meeting.

Staff Time-Off

While incredibly rewarding, working with children day-in and day-out is taxing on your physical and mental energy. It is very important to have regular breaks from your campers so that you can unwind and share your experiences with other staff.

Daily Time-Off

CIC provides staff with daily time-off that ranges from 1 ½ to 2 hours.  These are scheduled during meal times.

Weekly Time-Off

In addition to daily time-off you also receive one 20-hour break each week. These are Wednesday or Friday from 5pm to 1:45 the following day. You will also have an opportunity to visit Avalon, the only major town on Catalina Island. This is possible on your 1 – 27 hour extended time off.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please make sure to read every aspect of our website and our camp, to understand what CIC is really about.

What questions can we answer for you ? Call us at 626-296-4040 or Email us at

Summer Camp Director

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