Jobs Overview

Summer Camp Jobs Overview

As of Friday, May 9th  , the following positions have not been filled
Boat Drivers (Requires certain requirements & Coast Guard Licensing)

All other positions have been filled.




A job as a CIC counselor is extraordinarily demanding and you should only consider applying for a position if you love working with children and staff in a close-family environment. Life at camp requires staff members to sacrifice their normal living habits and serve as role models to our campers. This job is not for everyone! Successful counselors are dynamic, energetic and patient people who thrive on being outdoors and recognize that children need support and encouragement to be responsible adults.

Impact the Lives of Children

A job as a CIC counselor is an opportunity to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of children. You will be asked to be a leader and role model for a group of children twenty-four hours a day. Your campers will want you to play with them, tie their shoes and talk about life. They will want you to be their friend and confidant. You will also need to be mature enough to tell a camper “no”, repeatedly encourage them to clean up the cabin and coach them to being a better cabin mate. Most importantly you have to manage the temporary tension these things create between the two of you. These are difficult things to do and they require a person who is flexible and patient.

Lifelong Friends

While role modeling for campers is the most important aspect of your job, being a counselor also provides an incredible opportunity to develop friendships with other staff. CIC is a very close knit community and there is something special about living and working with people who share your enthusiasm for working with children. At the end of the summer you will be amazed at the friendships you have made with both campers and staff.

Catalina Island

Our site is on 14 acres of waterfront property on the west end of Catalina Island. First time visitors to camp usually spend their first day in disbelief that such a pristine and beautiful area exists just twenty-six miles from Los Angeles. In order to take advantage of our unique environment all of our activities occur outdoors. (We even eat our meals in an outside dining area!) It is our experience that counselors who love being outdoors and don’t mind being dirty get the most out of their time at camp.

Ocean Futures

CIC is fortunate to have Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures organization as a partner. Jean MichelCousteau is the son of Jacques Cousteau and is internationally known for his study and advocacy of the marine environment. With Ocean Future’s assistance we incorporate marine ecology into our program during the summer and hold Family Camp at the end of the summer. Our largest cooperative project is the school year Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP). Using marine and terrestrial ecosystems as models, CELP draws parallels between natural systems and human lifestyles and educates young people about the importance of efficient and responsible resource consumption.

“Those times when the nine individual campers come together as one unified group is just flat awesome to see.”
-Stephen Clarke, Cabin Counselor, Age 20, Nuevo, CA

We look forward to receiving your application. Please make sure to read every aspect of our website and our camp, to understand what CIC is really about.

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The 2014 summer employment application is here!

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