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How to Choose a Great Summer Camp

If you are still thinking about signing up for camp this summer, here is an article with some suggestions on how to select a great camp. How to Choose a Great Summer Camp Enjoy! Tom


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Stuck at Home Generation

Are we raising kids who won’t leave the nest? This article, The Stuck at Home Generation, at the Greater Good website was posted that addressed that question and had some practical answers for parents. Tom


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New Discovery of Catalina Archaeology Records

Detailed records and photographs of artifacts and bones from Catalina were discovered recently. These records will help the Catalina Island Museum catalog items they hold in storage from the collection of controversial collector Ralph Glidden. The LA Times published a great article about the discovery. It’s a fascinating look at understanding the history of Catalina. …


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American Camp Association Tips for Parents

Catalina Island Camps is a accredited by the American Camp Association. Every three years we are visited by two camp professionals for a thorough review of our operation. ACA also partners with parents to help them make decisions about selecting a camp for their children. You can read more about ACA’s efforts in this article; …


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Value, Value, Value

In her latest blog, Value, Value, Value, Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association, discusses the latest book she is reading, Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner. Peg outlines how camp prepares children with each of the Five Minds from the book. I may need to go out and get this book …

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