California Adventure Camps

California Adventure Camps

How Adventure Camp in California Can Help Your Kid Get into College


Want your kid to weather the college application process better? Send them to an Adventure Camp in California.


The pressures of college application season are often overwhelming for high school students. Choosing a school and a course of study, making potentially life altering decisions, leaving home and family behind, starting a new life with a bunch of strangers.


Believe it or not, kids who have attended Adventure Camp in California have a distinct advantage, that has everything to do with the time they have spent at camp.


Adventure Camp in California builds confidence


For many kids, camp is their first experience away from home. Acquiring new skills and navigating unfamiliar experiences can be a challenge. Mastering these skills and coming to realize that they can “make it” on their own and thrive in unfamiliar settings is confidence boosting. This self knowledge transfers well the to the college application experience and makes for a more confident candidate and less stress over the process.


Adventure Camp in California helps build decision making skills

Adventure camps present kids with decision making opportunities where they have to make independent decisions (no parents to second guess) and live with the outcome of those decisions in a safe environment. Some of these decisions are social and some are technical. This practice allows kids to play out cause and effect scenarios and to consider choices thoughtfully. It’s not always all or nothing, they can see where there may be forks in the road ahead. This can allow them to make college choice decisions with less stress.


Adventure Camp in California can teach kids the value of persistence

Not all goals are met in a single attempt. Adventure Camps teach kids to keep working towards a goal and trying their best, even when they may feel a bit defeated. There is value in the journey and acquiring of skills. This is a great mindset for the college application process. Too many kids are caught up in an “all or nothing” state when it comes to college applications. Adventure Camp teaches them that their paths may wander but that doesn’t mean they cannot reach their goals.


Adventure Camp in California hones social skills

Teamwork and communication are some of the most vital skills taught at Adventure Camp in California. Kids who attend camp become better listeners and better speakers which can come in handy when writing essays, attending interviews and speaking with representatives from the schools they are hoping to attend. These skills also set kids up for success when settling into dorm life.


Leadership Skills are learned at Adventure Camp in California

Colleges are always on the lookout for young leaders, who have proven themselves and contain the promise to create positive change in the world. Kids who have attended Adventure Camp in California tend to be the kinds of kids that step into leadership roles. Their self awareness, social and communication skills, decision making prowess,  and overall outdoor learning and experiences translate well to the real world!


One last reason why Adventure Camp in California gives your kids an edge when applying to college: Adventure camp experiences give them something captivating to write about in their all important college essay!


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