California Overnight Camps

California Overnight Camps

How to Fight FOMO When Kids Attend California Overnight Camps.


As fantastic as California overnight Camps are, they can cause a very specific type of anxiety in some kids & teens. FOMO – or “Fear of Missing Out”.


Even when headed to an amazing experience like attending an idyllic California overnight camp, many kids (and adults too) will let FOMO give them pause.


People experience FOMO for a number of reasons. They may feel that their friends will get together and have experiences without them. They worry that they will be somehow left behind or forgotten while attending California overnight camps. Kids and teens can also experience FOMO as part of a withdrawal from social media and screen time – because they won’t be  keeping up on the latest memes, texts, video games etc while at California overnight camps.


Parents can help minimize FOMO by addressing it rationally, discussing it with kids,  and taking some specific steps to mitigate their camper’s fears.


Focus on what will be gained at California overnight camps, rather than what will be missed.  It’s unlikely that all your kid’s friends will be having identical, group experiences all summer long. Shift the focus of discussion to all the things that your camper’s friends will be doing individually over the summer. Then focus on what your camper is looking forward  doing individually, and with new friends. Discuss how they will share their experiences with their friends after, and how their friends may have exciting stories to share as well. Create anticipation for a future reunion and sharing of stories.


Make plans with at home friends before/after overnight camp. Set up specific times that your camper will get together with at home friends before and after camp. Create a plan for keeping in touch, via letter writing or by swapping “texts to a friend” style notebooks to share at the end of the summer.  


For some kids, a big event such as a wedding, performance, tournament or once-in-a-lifetime audition that they have prepped for are experiences that loom large and make camp seem impossible. While leaving camp is not ideal, camps are not all entirely inflexible. Check with the California overnight camps you are considering to see if you can make arrangements for a brief absence from camp if there is a single, event a child truly cannot miss.


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