california overnight summer camps

california overnight summer camps

Who Needs California Overnight Summer Camps

What kinds of kids need to attend California overnight summer camps?

The oldest child can benefit from California overnight summer camps because camps are a rare chance for them to enjoy the benefit of “big brothers” and “big sisters” and other near peer relationships with their counselors and other campers. Sometimes it’s nice to have an older kid to talk to!


The youngest child often lives in the shadow of older peers and may have grown weary of hearing about all the cool stuff they can’t do. At California overnight summer camps like Catalina Island Camps, the focus is on all the things they CAN do.


The shy child often gets lost in the shuffle during the school year, but overnight summer camp allows for more time and opportunity for kids to get to know each other. Counselors at Catalina Island Camps make sure that all kids are acknowledged and encouraged.


The confident child probably doesn’t need as much encouraging as the shy child, but this doesn’t mean they cannot benefit from a push to try new things, and occasionally fail at them, in a supportive environment. Part of building lifelong confidence involves learning to fail with grace.


The cautious child benefits from California overnight summer camps like Catalina Island Camps by being encouraged to try exciting new activities in an atmosphere that is safe, with well trained counselors and state of the art equipment.

The athletic child grows at camp, by participating in group activities where process is more important than product and everyone learns to be a better sport.


The successful child learns about leadership, and sharing what they know with others.


The struggling child gets a chance to start fresh at California overnight camps, and highlight skills and abilities that they may not get a chance to demonstrate elsewhere.


By now you know the truth… that most kids can benefit from attending California overnight summer camps! Catalina Island Camps specialize in making summers magical for all kinds of kids.



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