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Parenting Expert Debi Gilboa trains CIC Staff!

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(this note was written shortly after staff training when the first campers were at camp)

Hi CIC Families!

My name is Debi Gilboa, and I met the entire amazing staff of CIC during their Camp Staff Training in June. Tom and Maria invited me to their beautiful island retreat to talk about how kids and teens can use their time and fun at camp to become even more respectful, responsible and resilient.

This staff was truly the most impressive I’ve ever met, with the dedication and professionalism of seasoned adults, and the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of the most camp-loving of people! In our 3 days together, we brainstormed and solidified strategies to make this summer at camp the best any kids have ever had.

Resilience, our main theme, is the ability to overcome adversity. These counselors are ready to help campers navigate any difficulty with one eye on the situation itself, and the other on the children involved. In this way, kids will be a part of solving a challenge they face and also learn skills for overcoming future obstacles.

Responsibility is a wonderful by-product of camp life. The campers have obligations about safety, health, friendships and fun and this will be a great chance for you to get a child home who is even better able to take on new tasks with confidence and competence.

Respect, crucial to any relationship, will be purposefully built at camp. The counselors prepared to engage with each camper and to monitor the social dynamics in each group in order to ensure that each child experiences respect while learning to treat others in the same way.

As I said, this is a truly amazing staff. I’m a mom of four boys from Pennsylvania, and I’m ready to send my kids all the way to CIC next year! I’m also a family doctor and parenting author, “Get the Behavior You Want … Without Being the Parent You Hate!”  I hope you’ll be in touch through my website if you have any questions or feedback for me, or would like to discuss a different parenting issue. Also, please feel free to download the handouts from the workshops I did at CIC.

Have a wonderful summer!

Dr. G