Kids Summer Camp Southern California

Kids Summer Camp Southern California

Summer Camp Crafts We’re All Nostalgic About


Crafts are a huge part of kids summer camp in Southern California! School and daily life is often too busy to allow kids adequate time for creativity. But summer camp in So. Cal is the perfect time to get your camp craft on! What would summer camp be without all these classic summer camp crafts?


Lanyards – done with plastic lacing and assorted styles of knots. Lanyard crafts include jewelry, key rings, decorations and more! Campers at kids summer camp in Southern California especially love to put their lanyards on their water bottles.


Friendship Bracelets – There’s no end to the many ways friendship bracelets can be made. Usually they are crafted from embroidery threads, using a series of knots. They can be simple or incredibly elaborate. Typically they are made by individuals, to give to a friend, hence the term “friendship bracelet”. They are a labor of love, and involved designs can take many hours to complete.


Beaded Necklaces –  These are a camp staple and many kids summer camps in southern california choose to use beads with alphabet letters and emojis, as well as pendants made from wood or other materials where campers can write their names. These are used as icebreakers and fun “ID” badges for campers and counsellors alike.


Dream Catchers – Harkening back to hippy days, these Native American inspired camp crafts can be simply made with popsicle sticks and yarn, or more elaborately crafted with more sophisticated string, hoops and feathers. Either way, they serve as a great memento and are a comforting way to assure nothing but good dreams during your stay away from home.


Tie Dye – whether it’s socks, tees or a pillowcase, camp is the time to get your Tie Dye on. Some camps get elaborate with the dye, while others stick to Kool Aid for a simple non toxic quick fix. Any way you color it, tie dyed camp souvenirs come home steeped in good memories.


Are you nostalgic for camp crafts of your youth? Relive your crafty past when you send your campers off  to a kids summer camp in Southern California.



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