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We are excited about having your group join us at Howlands Landing, our resident camp on Catalina Island. We want you to enjoy the best camping trip possible; therefore communication between your group and the camp is essential. For information about rates or if you have other questions call us at 626-296-4040 or email us at info@catalinaislandcamps.com.

Location: Catalina Island Camps is located at Howlands Landing, a private cove on the leeward side of beautiful Catalina Island. Just 22 miles off the coast of Southern California, Howlands Landing is surrounded by magnificent ocean views and breezes. Our cove is approximately three miles, by boat, west of Two Harbors, a small boating community located at the Isthmus of Catalina Island. We are approximately 20 miles west of Avalon, the main “city” on the Island.

Facilities: Within our sheltered cove, our pier extends into the bay providing the focal point for swimming, boating and other water activities. On shore, our main lodge contains the camp store and food service center, which faces the shaded Dining Terrace. Rustic bunkhouses and open-sided chalets are located on each side of the Dining Terrace and along the shore. Complete bathroom and shower facilities are adjacent to each living area. Tennis courts, ping-pong tables, a beach volleyball court, tetherballs and playing fields are located between the Dining Terrace and the beach.

Activities: The camp will supply racquets, paddles and sports equipment for the athletic fields. We also provide the following waterfront equipment: kayaks and life jackets. If your group would like to utilize any waterfront facilities, you will be responsible for providing qualified lifeguard(s) to supervise the activities. Your Group Use Agreement contains additional information on this matter.

Camp Store: Our Camp Store features snacks, sundries and official Catalina Island Camps shirts, sweatshirts and hats. We also stock stationery, postcards, stamps and batteries. The Camp Store is available to your group by making prior arrangements with our Group Services Director.

Food Service: A well-fed camp is a happy camp! Your meals will be prepared by our professional kitchen staff and are served cafeteria-style. Some camp favorites include daily cereal and salad bars. Making prior arrangements can accommodate some special diets; a sample menu is also available upon request.

Transportation: Each group is responsible for making their own travel arrangements from the mainland to Two Harbors. Please see “Planning Your Trip” for tips on making these arrangements.

Planning Your Trip

Reserve a Date:

You can reserve a date on our group calendar by calling 626-296-4040 and speaking with our Group Services Director. Please be aware that our calendar fills quickly; the sooner you call, the better chance you have of getting your first choice! It is helpful for us if you are able to provide us with some general information regarding your group at this time: approximate size, age of participants, desired program, etc.

Choose Your Program:

Our Group Services staff will be happy to assist you in designing a program that is right for your group.

Make Travel Arrangements:

Each group is responsible for making their own travel arrangements. You can choose to travel via Catalina Express, Catalina Cruises or by charter vessel. The Catalina Express leaves from San Pedro and makes the crossing in approximately 90 minutes. For more information, call (310) 519-7971. If you are interested in traveling by charter vessel, we will be happy to provide you with additional information. When making arrangements, be sure to book passage to Two Harbors, not Avalon!

Once your group reaches Two Harbors, you will transfer onto a Shoreboat for the trip to Howlands Landing; the cost for this is $19.00 per person, round trip. We will arrange this for you; please provide us with your travel times as soon as possible so that we will be able to make these additional arrangements.

Return Your Group Use Agreement and Deposit:

Once we have determined your dates and program, our office will send you a Group Use Agreement. Please read through your agreement carefully, and call us if you have any questions. Return it within 30 days with the appropriate deposit.

Supervision Needs:

Each group is responsible for providing adequate adult supervision for all youth involved in their program. The adult/youth ratio is a minimum of one adult to every 12 campers. Each group is also responsible for providing certified lifeguards for general waterfront activities. Certified medical personnel, someone with at least Red Cross First Aid and CPR, must be provided as well. If you are unable to locate people with these qualifications, we would be happy to assist you.


Encourage your group to pack lightly; one duffel bag and a sleeping bag should be adequate for most trips. Remind everyone that they will have to carry their luggage from the boat to the camp truck and then from the truck to their cabin.

Keep in Touch!

Our Group Services staff is here to help you; please feel free to contact them with any questions regarding your trip. We want to help you make it an enjoyable one for each person involved.


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