Outdoor Summer Camps In California

Outdoor Summer Camps In California

Your Kids Need Outdoor Summer Camps In California to Understand You, and People in General


Summer away camps are a unique experience for kids to make new friends, learn new skills and become more confident and independent. They can also provide kids with a new outlook on life, society and the world at large. More and more, experts are discussing and agreeing upon the many ways that Outdoor Summer Camps In California can help kids better understand themselves, their family and people in general. How does this happen? Consider the following:


Distance offers perspective


Time spent away from the daily routine and pressures of family and friends offers kids time to reflect on those relationships. We are all often so busy – kids included – that we exist in a rut. There is little time for reflection and also not a lot of space to weight and compare our experiences. Camp offers kids the time and space to re-think interpersonal relationships and re-examine concepts of friendship, teamwork, respect, authority and more. How do their camp friends treat them, when compared to their at home friends? How do adults treat them? Are expectations for chores, behavior etc different at camp and at home? How are we different? Kids themselves may be aware that they are acting differently at camp than they would at home.


Understanding others, requires self awareness


We can become so worn in our patterns of behavior that we don’t even realize that there are other options. Camp offers kids the opportunity to look up and consider other modes of being, not only in others, but in themselves. Working together on common goals also creates a bond and shared experience that promotes empathy and mutual understanding.


Recognizing differences help us to understand others and ourselves


Self awareness is a life skill that many adults struggle with and for a kid to be able to learn this, is a valuable lesson indeed! The opportunity to live with kids from diverse ethnic, religious and social backgrounds, and interact with friends and counselors who are in “near peer” age groups is an opportunity that is not often experienced in at-home daily life. It can be hard for kids to individuate and become self aware in an environment that is overly familiar socially, and routine. In order to be truly aware of ourselves it is necessary to be aware of others. Camp offers up that challenge in a safe and supervised fashion, offering kids the chance to “find themselves” and appreciate each other and each other’s differences.


Learning to get along in diverse groups is a valuable life skill, perhaps one of the greatest and longest lasting gifts your child can receive from Outdoor Summer Camps In California.




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