sleepaway camps in california

sleepaway camps in california

Five Books to Read if considering Sleepaway Camps in California


Sending your kids off to sleepaway camp in California this summer may seem like a big and overwhelming experience to many parents. Even after you’ve done your  research, you may be looking for some reassurance and solid advice for making sure your camper has the summer experience you’ve both been dreaming of. Here’s a list of five of our favorite books about prepping for summer camp.


Homesick and Happy  by Michael Thompson PHD is a reassuring look at why summer camp really is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children.


The Summer Camp Handbook by Thurber and Malinowski is a great read for first time campers and their parents as they navigate the process of choosing and preparing for a summer at sleepaway camps in California


Last Child in the Woods – Saving Our Kids from Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv serves up some thought provoking reading on how the digital age has affected our kids. If you haven’t considered what it means to grow up without the opportunity to unplug, this book offers some great food for thought and arguments for camp!


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