Summer Camps California Teens

Summer Camps California Teens

The 5 Friends Your Kid Makes at Summer Camp for California Teens

Your kids will make many new friends when they attend a summer camp for California teens. Summer camp friends are so memorable. For many young teens, summer camp is their first opportunity to make friends completely without the involvement of their parents, serving as social director. It’s a tremendous opportunity for social and emotional growth. The friends teens make at California summer camp are especially memorable. Here’s a few examples:


The one that makes them a better version of themselves

For sure your teen will meet someone at camp for whom they can serve as an example. Peer modeling is a regular occurrence at Summer camp in California for teens and everyone has their strengths. Good camp counselors and fellow campers who are living together, have an opportunity to recognize this and there is a good chance that your teen will make a friend who sees them as a mentor, inspiring them to be their best self.


The one that challenges them to push their limits


Not all campers at summer camp in California for teens, are natural risk takers. Sometimes they need a little shove. Perhaps it’s the kid that encouraged them to try a thrilling sport. Or the one that convinced them to add hot sauce to their fries. Camp is a great place to meet constructive limit pushers. Pushing self imposed personal limits can lead to increased confidence.


The one that inspires them to reach new goals


Just like your kid may inspire others, there’s always someone else that will inspire them. Many kids find mentors in their peers. Knowing what someone else your age can accomplish, is motivating. It helps kids to “picture themselves” accomplishing a new skill or sport as well. Years later they will remember the friend that taught them how to french braid or do a perfect underwater handstand.


The one that teaches tolerance


Not all your kid’s camp friends are going to be their favorites. It’s likely they are going to meet at least a couple of people that require a level of patience and tolerance that has yet been untapped in their normal at home lives. There’s not much escaping that kid who annoys you, when they are in your cabin. But there is the opportunity for personal growth and learning to be more compassionate, empathetic and learning how to work together to resolve conflicts.


The one that lasts a lifetime


Camp friendships are highly concentrated. The friends teens make at summer camp in California often turn out to be lifelong friends. Over the course of a week or a summer, the number of inside jokes, bonding experiences, and learning ops add up to one thing – a friend for life!


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