summer camps in california for girls

Summer Camps in California for Girls

You’ve Got Mail from Your Camper!


How do you get your daughter to write when she’s off attending summer camps in California for girls?


Kids love to get mail from their parents when they are off at summer camp in California. But guess what… parents might love getting mail from their daughters even more! The problem is that not all girls are great about writing letters home and keeping their letter-craving parents happy.  Here’s a few sneaky ideas for getting your daughters to correspond with you when they attend summer camps in California for girls.


Spoiler alert: All of these ideas have one thing in common. Self addressed stamped postcards.


Self addressed envelopes are also a great idea but with envelopes the letter has to make it into the envelope and get sealed and sent.


Postcards cut down on that final step, and therefore have a greater chance of winging their way home. Plus postcards are cheaper. If you have a daughter or niece who is off to summer camps in California for girls – prepping these letters is a perfect pre camp project!


Pick a set of basic postcards and then personalize them for your girl who is headed to summer camp in California.


  • Mad Libs Style Postcards. Who can resist these fill in the blank storytelling scripts?
  • Quizzes. Don’t be afraid to be silly with your multiple choice Q&A and leave ample space for original answers and explanation of the checkbox labelled “other”.
  • Listicles. Sometimes girls need a prompt. Challenge your camper to make “Buzzfeed” style lists of their camp favorites and memories – food, drink, places visited, top ten activities, favorite counselors etc. Pre-label the postcards and leave room for embellishment.
  • Pictures speak louder than words. Ask your girl to illustrate their summer camp in California adventure by drawing pictures, maps, portraits, diagrams etc.


Don’t forget to pack up the postcards in some sort of user friendly case with pencils and/or pens for filling them out. Follow these tips and you should have plenty of mail from your camper at summer camps in California for girls!


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