summer camps in california

summer camps in california

Summer Camps in California boast year round great weather.
One of the great benefits of attending summer camp in California is that there are rarely weather extremes. Harsh winters and broiling hot summers are a real challenge for other parts of the country but Catalina Island’s year round temperate climate means that the camp facility is open, accessible and maintained year round. Uncomfortably hot days are rare on the island and there is almost always a breeze. Catalina Island Camp Campers are spoiled by the year round great weather conditions California takes for granted!


Summer Camps in California offer easy international access via LAX
Don’t live in California? No problem. No matter where in the world you live, access to Catalina Island Camps is easy via Los Angeles International Airport. Camp staff have developed a smooth and organized system of greeting campers at the airport and assisting them to port where their charter boats await. To date, camp staff have welcomed thousands of campers from all over the world. From the airport it is just a short drive to the port and a pleasant hour long ride aboard a large, comfortable chartered ferry direct to the camp’s docks.


Coastal Summer Camps in California have fewer problems with mosquitoes and other biting insects.
For many parents, memories of summer camp are married to memories of itchy scratchy bug-spray filled days and nights. Let’s face it, most of the country has a problem with biting insects like mosquitoes and deer ticks. Sometimes this is a nuisance, and other times it’s downright dangerous. Catalina Island’s climate and breezes, and the camp’s ocean side location make it naturally less prone to the insects that occasionally plague campers in the woods and other locations in the USA. That’s one less thing to worry about!


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