summer camps in southern california

summer camps in southern california

Where Can You Find The Best Summer Camps in Southern California

Finding the best summer camps in Southern California doesn’t have to be an overwhelming journey. The best camp for your camper is out there!


Friends and Family

Your own friends and family are the perfect place to start when looking for recommendations for the best summer camps in Southern California. These are the people you know and trust! Ask detailed questions about why they liked/or disliked specific camps, and what their experiences were with different kids, and different summers. Compare their observations to information you have gathered.


Teachers and Activity Directors

Your kid’s teachers and afterschool activity instructors are also a great resource for sleuthing out the best summer camps in Southern California. They are frequently talking with other parents and likely to get the scoop on summer camps as a result. It’s a good idea to ask your favorite teachers and activity directors, coaches and scout leaders for their recommendations.


Dedicated Camp Info Sessions

Many of the best summer camps in Southern California have regular information sessions where you can meet with staff person to person, get information and ask questions. This is a great way to get a feel for the camp leadership and also have your questions answered. Make a list of questions before you go, so that you are prepared.


Local Camp Fairs

Attending a local Camp fair is a great way to quickly gather information about multiple camps, which can shorten your search for best camp in Southern California. Camp personnel are often present at fairs, which gives you the opportunity to meet staff. Local schools and community centers with youth activities often host camp fairs. Call for more information, and/or check camp websites for more information.


Camp Directories
If you are looking for lists of the accredited summer camps in California, the American Camp Association can help you look up overnight camps. ACA-accreditation is solid proof of a camp’s accountability, credibility, and commitment.



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