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Summer Overnight Camps California

10 Fun Letters for Kids at Summer Overnight Camps in California


Writing daily letters to kids at summer overnight camps in California can be an overwhelming and repetitive chore for some parents. But getting letters from home is a treat that most campers at overnight camps look forward to. Here’s a few ideas for planning a summer’s worth of letters to your campers at summer overnight camps in California.


  1. Letters from grandparents. Talk to grandparents ahead of time, and get them to write some interesting letters to your campers. Subjects can range from what they did during the summer as kids, to funny stories about the camper’s parents.
  2. Letters from friends at home. Talk to some of your kid’s friends (and friend’s parents) and collect some letters from their friends to send to them while they are away at summer overnight camps in California.
  3. Letters from pets. Out of interesting things to write about? Try writing a letter to your overnight camper from their pets. Even a goldfish. Include drawings. Sometimes a shift in perspective is all you need!
  4. Letters from siblings. If you are busy or pressed for time, press stay at home siblings into service. Have them make drawings and write notes to send to the summer overnight camper.
  5. Letters with self addressed, stamped postcards included for sending back. Pre write the postcard, with “fill in the blank” answers to send back. This way you will be more likely to get an answer to your letters!
  6. Serial Letters. Avoid boredom by sending a series of letters with cliff hanger endings…
  7. Letter from a secret admirer. Who says all the letters have to be from known friends and family. Everyone loves to get a note from a secret admirer.
  8. Guess the answers letter. Try sending a quiz style letter to your camper. They will enjoy trying to guess where you went out to dinner, what you named the goldfish, who’s coming to visit, etc.
  9. Letters in secret code. Make up a code, and send the key along with the letter.
  10. Origami mail. If all else fails, pick up a book of origami and some origami paper. Your summer overnight camper in California  can look forward to unfolding cranes and frogs to read the message you have crafted.



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