Top Summer Camps in California

Top Summer Camps in California

Top Summer Camps in California Recommend These 10 Best Books to Bring to Summer Camp


If you’re looking for packing advice from the top summer camps in California, you’re sure to find many and varied lists. But all the top summer camps in California have this in common – they recommend packing a book or two.


Here’s the top choices from the top summer camps in California when it comes to books to pack up in your camper’s camp trunk.  These books are sure to keep campers occupied and keep their minds active during quieter moments at camp.


  1. Mad Libs were made for summer camp. These classic story style fill in the blank books have had kids snickering since you were a toddler. They are especially fun because you can do them with a friend. Mad Libs
  2. Comic Books/Graphic Novels. Comic books have evolved into an art form with the graphic novel and there are so many to choose from. It’s light reading that’s easy to pick up and put down – very camp friendly. Comic Books and Graphic Novels
  3. How to (Klutz Series) Books are especially great for campers because they can teach high value camper skills such as juggling, french braiding and friendship bracelet crafting. Klutz Books
  4. Favorite Chapter Books are a safe bet. If there is a series your camper enjoys, send them with the latest installment. Top 100 Chapter Books
  5. Joke/Humor Books are a lot of fun, particularly if your camper is a crack up. Joke and Humor Books
  6. Choose Your Own Adventure Books are a great choice for campers because they allow your kids to read the same book multiple time, pouring over the story in different ways. Choose Your Own Adventure Books
  7. Sticker Books & Adult Coloring Books can keep crafty campers busy whenever the urge to create hits. Coloring Books
  8. Crossword Puzzles & Sudoku Puzzles are a good way to keep minds active and skills sharp. If your kid enjoys these sort of challenges, slip in a book or two. Puzzle Books
  9. Mazes and Logic Puzzles, similar to crosswords, will keep active minds occupied. Logic Puzzles
  10. Group journals like “Coke v Pepsi” encourage kids to create a unique keepsake with their friends, compiling lists and quizzes that are fun to look back on in years to come.  Questions to ask your Friends


As tempting as it might be to cram in some required summer reading while your kid attends the top summer camps in california, don’t do it! Instead leave a little space for the camp classics that actually get read. The above list of  top summer camp reads is tried and true and has kept generations of California campers busy in their bunks on rainy days.


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