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Replacing Screen Time with Green Time is Good for Kids

We got this article from our friends at Cheley Colorado Camps on their facebook page Camp is a great place for kids to disconnect from...

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CIC’s Mara Lague featured in The Magazine in LA Times!

Most days, Mara is in our office helping to make sure all the details of camp are taken care of so everyone and everything gets to...

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To Push or Not to Push…. That is the Question

There is another great blog on the Bunk1 Buzz Blog today that I thought you might enjoy It's about knowing when your child is ready...

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Zip Line Video

Here is our 2012 video of the new CIC Zip Line The platform is about 28' off the ground If I had to guess, I'd say the ride is longer...

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Your Child’s First Sleep Away Camp?

I found this article online and thought many parents would be interested in the thoughts this parent shared about sending a child away...

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