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scenic view of water and doc

Living in the Moment at Sleepaway Camp

Did you know that meaningful learning takes place at summer camp There may be no books, no homework, no studying, and no teachers But...

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Two campers being pulled in a tube by a powerboat

To Go to Camp Alone or With a Friend?

That is the Eternal Question… Camp counselors and seasoned camp families know that summer camp is very much about personal growth...

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Pauley Pavillion ULCA

Learn about Catalina Island at L.A. Camp Fair 2022!

Sunday, March 13 at UCLA   LA Camp Fair Details The LA Camp Fair 2022 at UCLA is Los Angeles' largest summer camp expo  More...

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summer campers on sailboat waving

First Time Campers: A Guide to Summer Camp

The popularity of summer camp is soaring, with estimated attendance as high as 14 million campers each year The good news is that...

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two kids playing with water

Attending Sleepaway Camp with a Friend

Going with a Friend to Camp For some kids, going to sleepaway camp for the first time can be intimidating And for many parents,...

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beautiful blue ocean water and blue sky

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim

Safety in the Water Playing around in the water is a big responsibility, and kids who learn to swim also learn how to stay safe in...

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