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girl at summer camp using fabric marker

The Benefits Of Coloring

Coloring is fun, and it turns out it’s actually beneficial to your health Coloring is not just for kids anymore; adults can...

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top down aerial view of campers skindiving in clear blue water

Why Catalina is the Perfect Location for Snorkeling

Catalina has been a sought after destination for families and individuals for years, and for good reason Filled with pristine beaches,...

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aerial drone shot of Howlands Landing and Catalina Island Camps

Howlands at Home

Camp is a special place built by special people, camp people Our staff embodies what it means to be camp people In this Howlands at...

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summer campers and guide kayaking off the coast of Catalina Island

Exciting Summer Camp Activities for Kids of All Ages

Whether it’s your child’s first time at summer camp or they’ve been attending for many years, there’s something absolutely...

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kids making silly faces

Important Tips To Prepare Your Child For Sleepaway Camp

After you’ve found a summer camp that’s right for your child, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare them for this new...

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girls at summer camp doing arts and crafts

Great Questions For Dinner Table Conversations

What did you do in school today Do you get blank stares or one-word answers when you ask your kids this question Here’s a short,...

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