Packing List

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Baggage and Packing Information

Camp is a great place to wear out old clothes and a bad place for new, expensive and/or favorite clothing and equipment!

What should I pack my gear in?

Soft duffels with wheels are essential for packing.  Soft sided suitcases are also acceptable. Please limit yourself to one wheeled bag, one sleeping bag and one small backpack. We recommend this wheeled bag that easily holds all a camper’s gear and is self supported for easy access and organization during the session. Please don’t send steamer trunks or wooden trunks as they don’t travel well in the luggage hold of the Catalina Express.

What should I bring?

Try to stick to the packing list! Bringing too much stuff leads to a crowded and messy cabin. Bring simple clothing – camp is not a place to get fancy! And make sure everything is marked with your first AND last name.

What should I leave at home?

Tuxedos, ball gowns and high-heeled shoes. Oh, and anything that’s expensive, brand-new or has great sentimental value. Don’t bring anything with inappropriate logos/sayings or is too tight or too short. If your school won’t allow you to wear it, chances are we won’t either. We aren’t trying to be the clothing police, we just want to make sure that camp is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

Can I bring my iPod or iPad? What about other electronic equipment?

We understand how important music is to young people…we also know how important it is for kids to “unplug” for a while during the summer. Here’s our compromise: campers may bring an iPod or other music player with the understanding that they may only be used to listen to music during cabin time (immediately following lunch) and at bedtime and that camp will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items. No other electronic equipment will be allowed at camp. This includes, but is not limited to, PSPs, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, laptops, personal video players, iPads and phones. If you carry your music on a device that includes a phone, video, or games, you’ll need to leave it at home.

Why can’t I bring my phone to camp?

Camp is a place to make new friends, try new things and gain independence…pretty tough if you’re texting friends from home all the time or calling your parents. Please leave your phone at home. Parents, we really need your help with this – it’s especially difficult for us to enforce policies if parents aren’t supportive. Exceptions are made for campers flying in from other parts of the country; their phones will be collected upon arrival and kept safe until their departure from camp.

What should I pack?

Duffel bags with wheels work best; remember, you’ll be moving your luggage to your cabin so make sure it’s manageable. Limit your luggage to two pieces (your sleeping bag counts as one!) and a daypack or carry-on bag. Everything Summer Camp sells a special soft-sided trunk that is designed for use on the Catalina Express. If you need a camp trunk that can carry everything including your sleeping bag in one easy bag with wheels, you can find the link in camp store section.

Pack your own bag!

We highly recommend that you and your parents pack your bag together. That way you’ll know where everything is, and you’ll be able to re-pack when it’s time to go home.

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