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Every summer we see how children benefit when they unplug from their busy lives. Stepping away from screens, even for a week or two, helps campers connect with new friends and young adult role models. Taking time out from technology helps them discover new strengths in themselves as well as outdoor pursuits that can last a lifetime.

I felt much more relaxed, I enjoyed the freedom of having my friends listen to me instead of looking at their phone and ignoring me.Session 4 Camper

campers smiling with lifejackets on after sailing


Without the daily pressures of social media, cell phones, television, and video games, campers are truly present and in every moment at camp. They are better able to connect with people and the world around them. Regular face-to-face interactions with fellow campers and staff members engage their young brains in a uniquely positive way, resulting in greater emotional intelligence, improved social skills, and meaningful friendships. Camp is fun!

I like that without my phone I can know more people.Session 3 Camper

girls in a circle celebrating


By unplugging at camp, campers become more aware of the environment around them…and what a world there is to discover at camp! Spending their days outdoors is a powerful experience for kids who spend all year in classrooms, in scheduled activities and without enough time outside. CIC is a natural wonderland for campers to discover. It is home to a variety of marine life, birds, and land mammals. Whether they are swimming in the ocean, hiking on a wild trail or seeing a star-filled night sky for the first time, campers are outside and active every day.

campers flexing with a counselor


Skin Diving

Ropes Course



Stand Up Paddleboards

Gardening and Composting



Power Boats Activities

Day Trips

Arts & Crafts


Target Sports

Morning Adventure Trips



  • Skin Diving
  • Ropes Course
  • Kayaking
  • Challenge
  • Stand Up Paddleboards
  • Gardening and Composting
  • Sailing
  • Nature
  • Power Boats Activities
  • Day Trips
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Overnights
  • Target Sports
  • Morning Adventure Trips
  • Climbing
  • Badgework

Building Connections

The center of the CIC experience for every camper is belonging to a cabin group. Cabins are the focus of activities, special events and camp life. The cabin is where campers make friends, help others, share experiences and make memories.

A cabin counselor and an activity specialist live with each cabin. They are the primary role-models for each camper. A Counselor-in-Training may also live with younger cabins. These counselors guide and create the camp experience for up to ten campers. They strive to build individual connections with each camper and help every camper build connections with others.

campers working on a project together

Building Community

Our program is intentionally designed around a two-week session. Nearly two-thirds of our campers attend for two-weeks or longer.

Campers are placed in cabins by their current grade in school.

Activities are scheduled by the cabin group for the first week of each session so everyone can try each activity. Cabins share meals together in the outdoor dining area. Cabins participate in most evening programs as a group. The cabin is the basic building block of our community. As a session moves towards its second week, campers make individual choices and mix with campers from other cabins. Thursday Morning Adventures, after dinner zones, Badgework activities and Evening program choice are all times when campers choose what interests them and are mixed within the entire camp.

counselor showing campers how to use a DSLR camera

Camp & 21st Century Skills

In addition to the spending days outside, camp activities help campers discover new interests and strengths. The real beauty of being outdoors and engaged with others in fun activities is that campers are learning important 21st-century skills like teamwork, creativity, critical thinking and communication. These elusive skills are essential to school success, independent living, and adulthood. Camp is a fun and safe place for young people to build skills for upcoming steps in their lives.

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campers seated on a tube being pulled by a boat
girls getting ready for skindiving

We love that the kids are free from their phones while at camp — such a rare experience these days. Our daughter pushed herself to do the hardest hike this year and was thrilled at her accomplishment. Our son faced and overcame his fear of the ocean this year – huge! We are grateful to you and the encouragement of his counselors. Thank you!!

Melissa - Camp Parent

I wanted to say a huge thank you for welcoming Michael and Jack into the CIC family. I so appreciate that you included them. The boys came home much happier, more confident and empowered

Robin - Camp Parent

Nigel had a superb time and we have never received so many emails/written letters from him – a great maturity! To have him be able to enjoy, socialize, be physically outside, experience new things and gain confidence in old skills is very special to us!!  And he was seriously unplugged for a whole month.  We thank the whole CIC team deeply!

Elizabeth & Steve - Camp Parents

Thanks to the staff for making Serena’s first sleep-away camp such a memorable time. She loved it, and she immediately decided she wants to go back next summer!

I really appreciate the effort you all put in to allow us and our campers to communicate via email. When she wrote in her first letter that she was having such fun, my mind was put to ease.

Nancy - Camp Parent
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Meet Our Team

We’re proud to be family operated, which allows us to create a
strong community here on the island.

Tom and Maria Horner, owners of Catalina Island Camps
Tom & Maria Horner Executive Directors
kerns headshot
Tom and Holly Kern Camp site managers
Christine Honan Simpson CELP Director
Nick Horner
Nick Horner Program Director
Kevin Killgore, Summer Program director
Kevin Killgore Program Director/Camper Support Specialist

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