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Catalina Island Camps develops life-long skills through fun and unique outdoor experiences in a community that cultivates respect for self, others and the environment. At CIC​, our programs are built around our mission and the unique marine and land environments of Howlands Landing.

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CIC Programs

Summer Camp

We are a one and two-week co-ed sleepaway camp for children and teens 1st through 10th grade.

kids kayaking off the coast of Catalina Island

Our Location

​Howlands Landing is located at the west end of Santa Catalina Island, 22 miles west of Los Angeles, California.

aerial shot of Catalina Island

Meet Our Team

​We’re proud to be family operated since 1995 by Tom and Maria Horner, which allows us to create a strong community here on the island.

Tom and Maria Horner, owners of Catalina Island Camps
Tom & Maria Horner Executive Directors
kerns headshot
Tom and Holly Kern Camp site managers
Christine Honan Simpson CELP Director
Nick Horner
Nick Horner Program Director
Kevin Killgore, Summer Program director
Kevin Killgore Program Director/Camper Support Specialist

News & Blog

two girls climbing together on the climbing wall

Summer Camp Rock Climbing – A Great Confidence Booster

Rock climbing can be a great confidence booster for summer campers Here are some ways that rock climbing can help build...

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counselors and campers posing for a photo with lifejackets on by the dock

10 Reasons to Become a Camp Counselor

10 reasons why you should work with us as a camp counselor: You get to be a role model When you interact with...

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girls talking at camp

Lifelong Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

For those adults who went to sleepaway camp as kids, summer camp was a huge part of their childhoods They not only tried...

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camper and counselor smiling after swimming

Summer Camp Counselor Skills Can Help You Get a Job

Helpful Summer Camp Counselor Skills Many employers are impressed with people who have experience as summer camp...

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4 girls holding kayak paddles

SoCal Summer Camp’s Biggest Benefits for Kids

With summer just around the corner, many parents recall their childhood summer days as carefree and full of joy Despite the...

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scenic view of water and doc

Living in the Moment at Sleepaway Camp

Did you know that meaningful learning takes place at summer camp There may be no books, no homework, no studying, and no...

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Two campers being pulled in a tube by a powerboat

To Go to Camp Alone or With a Friend?

That is the Eternal Question… Camp counselors and seasoned camp families know that summer camp is very much about...

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Pauley Pavillion ULCA

Learn about Catalina Island at L.A. Camp Fair 2022!

Sunday, March 13 at UCLA   LA Camp Fair Details The LA Camp Fair 2022 at UCLA is Los Angeles' largest summer camp...

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summer campers on sailboat waving

First Time Campers: A Guide to Summer Camp

The popularity of summer camp is soaring, with estimated attendance as high as 14 million campers each year The good news...

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two kids playing with water

Attending Sleepaway Camp with a Friend

Going with a Friend to Camp For some kids, going to sleepaway camp for the first time can be intimidating And for many...

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beautiful blue ocean water and blue sky

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim

Safety in the Water Playing around in the water is a big responsibility, and kids who learn to swim also learn how to stay...

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kids in life jacket on boat

At What Age Are Kids Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

When your kid turns to you and begs to go to sleepaway camp, you know it’s time! Maybe your child saw an ad or heard...

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campers flexing with a counselor

What Skills Do I Need to be a Summer Camp Counselor?

Getting a Summer Camp Job Through tremendous dedication and hard work, summer camp counselors are the ones who plan and...

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top view of water and mountain

Benefits of Attending Summer Camp in California

Summer Camps in California boasts year-round great weather One of the great benefits of attending summer camp in...

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two campers sitting in a sailboat

Summer Camp Goals Journal

Coed Sleepaway Camps in California Summers at coed sleepaway camps in California are loaded with summer “bucket list”...

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girls learning to paint in class

Summer Camp Crafts We’re All Nostalgic About

Summer Camp Crafts Crafts are a huge part of kids’ summer camp in Southern California! School and daily life are often...

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boys climbing a steep hiking trail

Things Campers Really Need for Overnight Camp

Ready to start shopping for overnight camp Most residential summer camps provide detailed and specific packing lists of...

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top view of the dock and water

How to Spot the Best Summer Camps in Southern California

There are hundreds of camp opportunities for kids on the West Coast – so how do parents spot the best summer camps in...

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boy and girl sitting in sailboat

The Best Summer Away Camps Have a Secret Perk for Parents

Up until now, you have probably thought about sending your kids to summer camp as a way to make their lives richer and...

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child meditating

Your Kid Needs Outdoor Summer Camp to Understand You and Others

Summer away camps are a unique experience for kids to make new friends, learn new skills, and become more confident and...

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girls in a circle celebrating

The 5 Friends Your Kid or Teen Makes at Summer Camp

Your kids will make many new friends when they attend a summer camp for California teens Summer camp friends are so...

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aerial view overlooking camp from the water

How to Fight FOMO When Your Kid Attends a California Overnight Camp

As fantastic as California overnight Camps are, they can cause a very specific type of anxiety in some kids and teens: FOMO...

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top of palm trees in the sky

Where Can You Find The Best Summer Camp in Southern California

Finding the best summer camps in Southern California doesn’t have to be an overwhelming journey The best camp for your...

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two campers smiling for a photo in green shirts with their towels and water bottles

10 Fun Letters to Send Your Camp Kid

Letters for Kids at Summer Overnight Camps in California   Writing daily letters to kids at summer overnight camp can...

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girls at summer camp doing arts and crafts

You’ve Got Mail from Your Camper!

Getting Your Daughter to Write from California Summer Camp   How do you get your daughter to write to you when she’s...

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sunset on the dock

Games to Bring to Sleepover Summer Camp

11 Classic Games That Need to Come to Sleepover Summer Camp in California Sleepover summer camps are not all fun and games...

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Kids celebrating an announcement at lunch

The Kids That Need California Overnight Summer Camp the Most

What Kind of Kid is Yours The oldest child Can benefit greatly from a California overnight summer camp because camps...

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campers seated on a tube being pulled by a boat

Sending Your Child to Sleepaway Camp? Here Are Some Good Books to Read

Summer Sleepaway Camp Books to Read Sending your kids off to a sleepaway camp in California this summer may seem like a...

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kids in a boat

When is it Time for Sleepaway Summer Camp in California?

When Should You Send Kids to Sleepaway Summer Camps It can be difficult deciding when your kid is old enough to go to...

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boys in a line with their hands behind their back in a challenge activity

Perks of a California Adventure Camp

An Adventure Camp Can Help Your Kid Get into College Do you want your child to weather the college application process...

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young girl performing archery

Archery For Kids at Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great way to introduce kids to new activities, introduce them to new sports, and to generally help them...

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camper navigating the challenge course

Benefits of Sending Your Kids to Overnight Camp in SoCal

There are many benefits of sending your child to an overnight camp in Southern California, but there are a few gems we hear...

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two campers sitting in a sailboat

Prepping Your Teen for a Digital Detox at Summer Camp

A fantastic and screen-free summer can be a reality for teens who attend summer camp for teenagers But you might want to...

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campers seated on a tube being pulled by a boat

Is Your Child Ready for a California Adventure Camp?

How do you know when your child is ready for adventure camp in California It would be incredibly convenient if there was a...

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boy practicing archery

What to Do While Your Child is at Overnight Camp

It’s a question for the ages: What are parents supposed to do with all that free time when their kids head off to an...

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camper and counselor smiling after swimming

What Skills Do I Need to Be a Camp Counselor?

Summer camp counselors possess a multitude of skills with real-world value A lot of the essential skills you gain as a camp...

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summer campers and guide kayaking off the coast of Catalina Island

11 Tips to Prepare Anxious Kids for Summer Sleepaway Camp

Photos of smiling children engaged in sports, swimming, and just generally playing around with campers are the standard...

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boys waving in water in snorkel gear

Making New Friends at Overnight Camp

Making new friends at overnight summer camp is one of the things kids most look forward to From overnight campouts to...

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kids in a boat

When Choosing a Summer Camp, Don’t Make These Mistakes

You decide to send your kid to sleepaway camp and of course, you want to make the best choice possible, right  To help you...

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campers seated on a tube being pulled by a boat

When Do I Send My Child to Kids Summer Camp?

If only there were a simple one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “When do I send my kid to go camp”  The reality...

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4 girls holding kayak paddles

Friendship Comes Naturally at Summer Camp

For a lot of people, the thought of going to a strange place where they don’t know anyone can be nerve-wracking Many...

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campers posing on a big log

3 Tips To Help Parents With Kids At Sleepaway Camp

Move over Homesick, Make Room for ‘Kidsick’ There is absolutely no way in the world your sweet little kid is ready for...

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6 boy campers posing with kayak paddles

What Camp Counselors Wish Parents Knew About Overnight Camp

Many camp parents have experienced it, that “hold on a sec” moment of creeping self-doubt when you suddenly catch...

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campers and counselors on a catamaran

Tips to Prepare Your Child and Yourself for Sleepaway Camp

For kids, going to camp for the first time conjures a mix of nervous anticipation, excitement and a flickering sense of...

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girls at summer camp holding oars

Finding Your Camp

We answer questions all the time from parents about summer camp In one way or another, all of the questions come down to...

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kids at summer camp

How Summer Camp Helps with Social Development

Summer camp brings new opportunities for kids and teens! Building friendships, becoming more independent and diving into...

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summer campers paddle boarding

Why Kids Love Stand Up Paddleboarding

Swimming, kayaking and canoeing are certainly fun water activities, but there’s nothing quite like stand-up...

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snorkelers in ocean waving at camera

7 Tips to Finding the Right Sleepaway Camp

Looking for the right sleepaway camp for your child takes thorough research and patience If you’re currently searching...

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high ropes course

Reasons to Consider Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway camp is an excellent way to get kids to unplug for the summer Taking time to unwind, get in touch with nature and...

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girls at summer camp holding oars

What Do Kids Learn about Friendship at Summer Camp?

Summer camp is an important part of childhood development Whether it’s building confidence, engaging in new activities or...

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girls tubing

How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

Sleepaway camp in Southern California is an experience like no other With the sun shining nearly every day of the year,...

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kayaks in a cove

How Does Summer Camp Encourage Outdoor Adventure? 

Unplugging at Summer Camp Do you want your child to have more adventures in the great outdoors than in the virtual...

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girl at summer camp using fabric marker

The Benefits Of Coloring

Coloring is fun, and it turns out it’s actually beneficial to your health Coloring is not just for...

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top down aerial view of campers skindiving in clear blue water

Why Catalina is the Perfect Location for Snorkeling

Catalina has been a sought-after destination for families and individuals for years, and for good reason Filled with...

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aerial drone shot of Howlands Landing and Catalina Island Camps

Howlands at Home

Camp is a special place built by special people, camp people Our staff embodies what it means to be camp people In this...

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summer campers and guide kayaking off the coast of Catalina Island

Exciting Summer Camp Activities for Kids of All Ages

Whether it’s your child’s first time at summer camp or they’ve been attending for many years, there’s something...

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kids making silly faces

Important Tips To Prepare Your Child For Sleepaway Camp

After you’ve found a summer camp that’s right for your child, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare them...

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girls at summer camp doing arts and crafts

Great Questions For Dinner Table Conversations

What did you do in school today Do you get blank stares or one-word answers when you ask your kids this question Here’s...

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girl ziplining

Summer Camp Makes Kids Capable and Independent

Sleepaway camp provides kids with opportunities to take on responsibilities and learn new skills on their own,...

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boy standing next to hanging plant

How To Find The Best Sleepaway Camp For Your Child

You’ve decided to send your child to a sleepaway camp this summer  How do you find the best camp for your camper...

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boys tubing

3 Reasons Kids Thank You for Summer Camp

The opportunity to attend summer camp is awesome, but not all summer camps are created equal Summer camp by the ocean have...

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girl on ropes course

Taking the First Step

Participating in a sleepaway camp can provide your child with cognitive thinking skills and can boost their confidence in...

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Take a Tour of Catalina Island Camps: A Summer Camp in California

Take a Tour of Catalina Island Camps Summer Camp in California   It can be hard to picture your kid away from...

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Do You Speak Overnight Summer Camp?

Do You Speak Overnight Summer Camp Your kids are off to California overnight summer camp at Catalina Island Camps Their...

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10 Essential Items for Summer Camp by the Ocean

What do you need to pack for summer camp by the ocean Here's our go-to list! Lots and lots of sunscreen The best...

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5 Reasons Kids Thank You for Summer Camp on Catalina Island

You made the big decision to send your kids to Summer Camp on Catalina Island Congratulations! Choosing the right kids...

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10 Amazing Ways Kids Benefit from Summer Camp by the Ocean

The opportunity to attend summer camp is awesome, but not all summer camps are created equal Summer camp by the ocean have...

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Surprise! Overnight Summer Camp is Good for Parents Too!

Dozens of papers have  written about the benefits of overnight summer camp for kids You’re probably looking forward to...

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I Heart Camp Day

It's finally here, Happy I ❤️Camp Day!  What is I Heart Camp Day  As "Camp People", we are extremely passionate and...

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The Power of Summer Camp

Did you know that camp has more of an impact on children than just as a fun escape for the summer Here’s a short video on...

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From Camp to IKOS!

Mina is a Park City High School Senior She was a CIC camper for nine years, including two-weeks as a Camper in Leadership...

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I’ve been thinking about my first years as a camper I first went to camp when I was seven I was a handful My energy...

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What campers tell each other about the camp experience

Sunday night, we invited our older campers to stay after closing campfire to share about their CIC...

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Summer Camp: Can it make kids more responsible?

Summer Camp Jobs for College Students: Can it Make Kids More Responsible Summer Camp: Can it make kids more...

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Your Child’s First Sleep Away Camp?

Your Child's First Overnight Camp Your Child's First Sleep Away Camp The first time your child heads off for sleep-away...

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Summer Camp Makes Kids Resilient

How Summer Camps Makes Kids Resilient Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient How can summer camp improve your child’s...

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Catalina Foxes at Catalina Island Camp

Catalina Foxes at Catalina Island Camp! Catalina Island Fox Thrives after a Battle with Extinction Anyone who has visited...

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