COVID-19 Updates for Summer Camp 2022

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Summer 2023 COVID FAQs

We need your help to ensure the health of all our campers and staff. It is important campers arrive at camp healthy – please monitor your child’s health for the 10 days prior to camp attendance. If you have any concerns, please contact us right away.

Are you requiring campers to be vaccinated against COVID in order to attend camp?

No, we do not require COVID vaccines for campers; however, there is a spot in your online record to upload your camper’s COVID vaccine card if they have one.

Do we need to COVID test prior to the first day of camp?

We highly recommend using an at-home rapid antigen test the day before or day of camp attendance, especially if your camper has been traveling and/or around a large number of people in the 10 days prior to camp. We do not require proof of COVID testing prior to camp.

Will you be doing COVID tests during camp?

Campers will be tested for COVID-19 if they have signs or symptoms of illness.

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Summer 2023 COVID FAQs continued

What if a camper tests positive for COVID?

Any camper testing positive for COVID-19 will need to return home. Current guidance from the LA County Department of Public Health requires a five-day isolation period, which we are not able to support at camp.

What if another camper in my child’s cabin tests positive for COVID?

If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, the rest of the campers and staff in the cabin will be tested and parents will be notified. We will monitor the cabinmates for any signs of illness and test per public health guidelines.

Will campers need to wear masks this summer?

No. The only exception would be if a symptomatic camper tests positive for COVID. If that occurs, the rest of the campers in that cabin would be required to wear masks when getting their food in the serving area of the dining hall.

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COVID Update, June 2022

Due to the recent surge in COVID cases, we are updating protocols to help keep your camper and our camp community healthy. Please read this information carefully and reach out via email right away with any questions.
COVID Testing
• All campers, regardless of vaccination status, are required to bring proof of a negative COVID test to the boat terminal on the day they travel to camp. This must be a PCR test, taken 48-72 hours prior to their travel day.
• We are also STRONGLY RECOMMENDING that all campers take a rapid antigen test the morning they travel to camp. If you are unable to test your camper at home, we will have tests available at check-in. Taking a test at home, and being ready to show a photo of that at check-in, will speed up the process immensely.
• If your camper tests positive, they will not be able to come to camp.
• If your camper tests positive for COVID at camp, they will need to return home.

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Update June 2022 continued

COVID Refunds
• If your camper tests positive in the days leading up to their camp session, they will not be able to attend camp.
• Unfortunately, we are not able to offer COVID refunds this summer; however, there is reasonably priced trip and travel insurance available. Purchasing this insurance will protect you should your child miss their camp session and/or have to leave early due to COVID. Please consider purchasing insurance. Information was emailed to all registered families. If you’ve already paid in full, you are still eligible for Preferred Plan 550: The Standard Plan.
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Update June 2022 continued

Healthy Campers
• Please make low-risk choices during the 7-10 prior to your camper traveling to camp. Avoid crowds and indoor spaces. Make sure you wear masks if you do need to spend time with people indoors who are not part of your immediate family.
• If you are flying to Los Angeles to come to camp, please wear a well-fitting masks in the airport and on the airplane – even if no one else is!

• We have worked to minimize mask wearing at camp. Since almost all of our time is spent outdoors, we’ve been pretty successful. There are two times when campers are required to wear masks: on the Catalina Express traveling to and from camp, and while getting food inside our lodge.
• Please make sure your camper has a mask easily accessible to wear on the Express. Please send them with 3-5 masks per week of camp attendance.

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COVID Update, May 2022

All Campers regardless of vaccination status will need to provide proof of a negative COVID test during the check-in process at the boat terminal. We are in process of determining an acceptable testing type and will notify you ASAP once our protocol is in place.

Get more information about drop-off procedures.

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COVID Update, March 2022

    We have made a few COVID-related decisions regarding the upcoming summer. Please contact our office (626-296-4040) with any questions.

  • Campers must be brought to the boat terminal by a parent or guardian. We are unable to offer airport service this summer
  • We will not host Parents Days during 2022.
  • We will not require campers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless the LA County Health Department makes that a requirement of operation. Unvaccinated campers will likely be subject to testing protocols in advance of their arrival at camp.
  • We will follow mask protocols outlined by the health department. The guidelines for camps have not been updated since prior to last summer, so we’re waiting to hear what might change for the upcoming summer.
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COVID Update October 1, 2021

  • Please visit the CELP Website for school program COVID protocols and information
  • 2022 Summer Camp Registration opens October 1, 2021.  Our commitment is to camper and staff health and safety. We will follow the guidelines in place by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for camp operating guidelines. See past updates for 2021 guidelines.
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COVID Update June 6, 2021

Mask Update

We received operating guidelines on June 2 from the Los Angeles County Department of Health, and while there will be plenty of times when campers will not have to wear masks (when they are with their cabin group) there will times when they will need to wear masks (any time they are interacting with other campers in their cohort of six cabins). For this reason, we ask that you send at least seven well-fitting masks with your camper. We will launder masks during each session. We would appreciate not sending disposable masks if possible. It will also be helpful if your camper brings a small backpack to carry extra masks, their water bottle, and any other items they might like to have with them throughout the day. This can be a small drawstring bag…no need for anything fancy!

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COVID Update June 6, 2021

COVID Testing Update

Fully vaccinated campers (those who are at least two weeks past their second dose) will NOT have to provide proof of a negative COVID test or be tested at the boat terminal. Instead, we will need a copy of their COVID vaccine card. Please email a copy of your camper’s vaccine card to

Campers who are NOT fully vaccinated will need to provide proof of a negative COVID test during the check-in process at the boat terminal. Here are the testing guidelines issued by the county:

  • Testing must be conducted within 72 hours before arrival at the boat terminal, if using a PCR test. Antigen tests are acceptable and must be conducted within 24 hours of arrival at the boat terminal. Results of the test must be available prior to entry into camp.

Campers who are NOT fully vaccinated will also be required to take a COVID test at the boat terminal. One week prior to your camper’s departure, we will email you with testing paperwork that you’ll need to bring to the boat terminal, along with a printed copy of your insurance card. These documents are required in order to administer the test.

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COVID-19 Update: April 15, 2021

In mid-March, the governor of California announced that resident camps would be able to open this summer. Official guidelines for operation have not be released yet, so we’ve made some preliminary decisions based on a variety of sources (information from the CDC, guidelines released for day camps and K-12 schools in CA, and resident camp guidelines from other states).

Please review this list and contact us with any questions.

  • Campers must be brought to the boat terminal by a parent or guardian. We are unable to offer airport service this summer.
  • We will not host Parent’s Days during 2021.
  • In order to minimize contact with the public, we will not be taking campers on day trips or overnights to other parts of the Island.
  • A self-quarantine will be required prior to your camper’s session. The length and scope of that quarantine will be based on state and county guidelines.
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test will be required prior to departure day. We are still researching additional testing for campers.
  • Campers and staff will not have to wear masks while in the cabin, while eating meals, or while in or on the water. We will have to wear masks when distancing from other cabin groups is not possible.

We will post updates to this space as they arrive. Registered families will also receive updates via email. As always, please reach out with any questions!

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