Camp Store Information

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What is the camp store?

The CIC Camp Store provides campers with the opportunity for the occasional sweet treat, as well as logo wear, sundries and souvenirs.

How much money is in my child’s account?

Parents deposit money into their child’s camp store account during the registration process; you can log back into your account to see the amount you chose.

How do I know if it’s enough?

It really depends on your child! Here’s how the store works:

  • We give each camper $5 in cash to use on the boat ride home. All campers going home on the Catalina Express are automatically charged $5.00 for “boat cash.”
  • During a two-week session, campers will have the opportunity to purchase a snack and/or soda approximately five times. Snack and soda items are $1 each, so if they take full advantage of that opportunity, it would total $10.
  • A two-week camper with $50 in their store account would then have $35 to spend on other items.

Can I add more money to my child’s account?

Absolutely – just log back into your account on our website.

How much do things cost at the store?

  • T-shirts $15-$25
  • Tank tops $13-$21
  • Sweatshirts $30-$46
  • Hats $25-$35
  • Books $15-$26
  • Socks $15
  • Flannel pants $35
  • Backpacks $30
  • Nalgene water bottles $21
  • Beach Towels $30
  • Souvenirs $2-15
  • Sundries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) $5-15

See what the store has to offer!