Exciting Summer Camp Activities for Kids of All Ages

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Whether it’s your child’s first time at summer camp or they’ve been attending for many years, there’s something absolutely thrilling about arriving at camp and starting new adventures. One of the major benefits of summer camp is the wide array of activities available, accommodating children who are deeply involved in athletics to children looking to bring out their artistic side. 

In Southern California, the sun is constantly shining, making it one of the best locations for outdoor summer camp activities including kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing and soccer. If those activities have sparked your attention, read on! However, if you’re looking for more exhilarating activities for your child, we have those too. Whatever interests your child has, summer camp is sure to have something for everyone.

Waterfront Activities at Summer Camp

Skin Diving

Skin diving is truly a unique experience that can be found at Catalina Island Camps. Children can safely swim in the sea and take in some breathtaking views. At Catalina Island Camps, we provide the wetsuits, snorkels, masks and fins! 


Kayaking is a great way for children to soak in their surroundings and move silently across the water. The view from the ocean is incredibly different than walking on the shore. If your child has never gone kayaking, they’ll have the opportunity to learn basic skills to explore our cove and beyond.


Perfect for 5th graders and older, stand up paddleboarding is an absolute rush. Children stand up on the board while paddling, taking in the marine life at the same time. There’s also an option to kneel while paddling. 

Land Activities at Summer Camp

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts is a great way to unwind, especially for children new to summer camp or those who get homesick. Making bracelets, tie-dye shirts and painting are a great way to take a break from the day and relax. 

Ropes Course

This is one of the best ways to conquer your fear of heights, build confidence, and gain leadership skills. Overcoming the perceived risk of falling, taking in breathtaking views, and helping peers through the course makes this a truly rewarding experience.

Target Sports

Target sports, such as archery, offer campers the opportunity to enhance their hand-eye coordination and practice patience. While target sports don’t require increased physical exercise, they do require concentration and focus. These types of activities provide children with important skills that they can take with them long after camp. 

About Catalina Island Camps 

At Catalina Island Camps, we offer more than just land and water activities. Our experienced team takes campers on thrilling adventure trips to Emerald Bay and Parson’s Landing. We also introduce campers to special overnight activities that match their specific interests. Campers experience sleeping under the stars, learn the “Leave No Trace” outdoor ethics, and get to socialize with campers from other cabins. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our summer camp activities, request a brochure today!