Finding Your Camp

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We answer questions all the time from parents about summer camp. In one way or another, all of the questions come down to one basic thing; “Is your camp right for my child?”. Parents have different ways of finding this out based on what they believe is the key ingredient for their camper’s physical, social and emotional development.

Maybe it is all about safety

Can you keep my child from being hurt? What happens if they are injured? Who is watching to make sure camp is fair? What happens to bullies at your camp? What if my child is homesick or scared?

Maybe it is about friendship

Will my camper make new friends? Will they be the only first-year camper in the cabin? What will you do to help my child make friends?

Maybe it is about trying activities

How often can my camper do their favorite activity? How do you handle a camper who doesn’t want to do a particular activity? What of all the campers want to do one thing and my camper wants to do something else?

Camps are as different as kids.  There are many great camps. Often our conversations will lead us to suggest another camp we know of that will be a better fit for a camper.  An easy one is that we don’t offer horseback riding. Campers who want to ride, don’t want to come to our camp.  We schedule activities by cabin group for the first week of camp. Campers who want to only pick their favorite activities all the time, won’t get to do that until week two at CIC.  Campers who want to be part of a close-knit group of campers, spend a lot of time outside and spend their days on the beach find CIC to be a great fit.

Finding the right camp

One way to find great camps is to search the internet for all the options available. We belong to the Western Association of Independent Camps and the American Camp Association. Both organizations have search options to find camps.  There are many websites that make lists of camps.  You can find lists of the Best Camps in California or any number of other locations or activities. Use the resources available to make the best decision.

Reach out to us here at Catalina Island Camps and we’ll be happy to help you find the best camp for your child.