Games to Bring to Sleepover Summer Camp

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11 Classic Games That Need to Come to Sleepover Summer Camp in California

Sleepover summer camps are not all fun and games – just mostly fun and games! Inevitably there will be a time when your child is hanging out in their bunk with fellow campers. During free time or on a rainy day, they will go digging in their bags looking for an activity or diversion. The best sleepover summer camp games are simple classics that you probably already have in your home! They are easy to learn and don’t require a ton of setup or equipment. They are also easy to pack and don’t take up too much room in your camper’s suitcase.


Our Favorite Sleepover Summer Camp Games

1. Rubiks Cube

Still as confounding today as it was when we were kids! Rubiks Cubes can be great for developing children to learn problem-solving skills and improve their memory and focus.

2. Deck of Cards

One deck of cards opens up a world of possibilities from countless different card games to house building. No kid should head off to a sleepover summer camp without a deck of cards.

3. Cats Cradle

This game only requires a simple loop of string or elastic, to keep campers occupied making string figures for hours. Something so simple can keep your child’s mind active and running.

4. Magic 8 Ball

Who doesn’t want to find out what the future holds? The Magic 8 Ball has been faithfully (if not accurately) answering camper’s questions for decades. The Magic 8 Ball is an activity that will get other campers excited as well!

5. Juggling and Hackysack Balls

These small bean-filled weighted balls are perfect for solo practice indoors or outside. Because there are multiple, other campers can be involved all at the same time.

6. Kendama Ball Catch

A simple wooden toy that can be used to perform all kinds of tricks. It’s perfect for travel or a rainy day inside.

7. Yahtzee

A classic dice game that never gets old. It’s a great game for young children because it involves math in a fun way.

8. Uno

An easy/familiar card game that works well for group play and is extremely fun for all involved. There are small, travel-size versions available – perfect for packing!

9. Bananagrams

A compact crossword game with wooden tiles that is easy to set up and clear away. Bananagrams is also educational and helps children learn new words.

10. Apples to Apples

Another popular card game for kids that a lot of families have in the house already. Apples to Apples can involve many players – great for a cabin setting.

11. Jacks

Kids have been playing with Jacks since they have been playing with pebbles. The game evolved out of games played by children the world over, involving stones or bones, usually knucklebones from sheep. They were thought to increase eye-hand coordination useful for hunting. The metal bits and balls in the “modern” version have been in play for over a hundred years.

Stock up on these classic games and you will be ready for year-round fun, as well as packing your kid off to a fun-filled, summer camp.

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