Important Summer Camp Information

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What is the Application Process?

Applications are accepted between October and June. The earlier you apply the better.  There is no set deadline, but we hire until all positions are filled. This can even be a couple of weeks or days before camp starts. If positions become available, there is a greater chance that we will contact you, if you have a completed application on file.


Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our directors. If applicable, we will ask you to submit a video interview.  We will then schedule you for a final interview, either in person or via a video conferencing program, ie Skype.  ( Lead positions may have up to 3 interviews)


After the final interview, we will verify your references, past experience, former & current employers. We will then make a decision. Decisions are via email. You will have one week to decide. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send all pertinent paperwork.

Salary & Travel

Salary starts at $290 per week for a 1st year staff member. A travel stipend is provided to you based upon your permanent address. This is included in your first paycheck. What this means is you just need to make it to Los Angeles (LAX is the airport we pick up from), however you choose, by train, plane or grandma’s station wagon. Salary increases based on years at camp.  Room & Board is provided based on the California Wage Law.

Staff Housing Accommodations

As a staff member you will live in a cabin with up to 10 campers and a co-counselor. The cabins are rustic one-room, single-wall structures with canvas covers over the windows. You will sleep on a bunk bed, which has a single mattress. The showers at camp are individual locker room style and there are several faucets in each bathroom that are also shared. While male and female living quarters are separate, privacy at camp is very limited. You need to be comfortable living this way to have a successful experience as a staff member.

CIC provides a staff yard and a lounge with sofas and Satellite TV. The staff yard has several picnic tables to eat meals at on your time-off.  We also have small storage lockers that are available for you to store personal items for use on your time-off.  There is a weight set as well. Staff are responsible for maintaining the lounge.

Staff Curfew

Living and working with a group of children is very demanding. This position requires consistent and consistent supervision of campers. Once your campers are in bed and asleep you have the opportunity to leave your cabin to unwind. It is a chance for staff to have time to write letters, watch TV, talk on the phone or hang out with other staff. It is important to remember that this is not time-off, but personal time. You are still on the clock. One staff member per night will remain in the cabin.

11:30 PM is our Camp Mandatory Wide Curfew. At this time you must return to your cabin. This helps us maintain safe camper to camper interactions, provides you with time to sleep and also helps us in case of an after hour emergency.

Staff Time-Off

While incredibly rewarding, working with children day-in and day-out is taxing on your physical and mental energy. It is very important to have regular breaks from your campers so that you can unwind and share your experiences with other staff. You will be assigned to 1 of 2 Time-Off Groups. A group consists of half of the staff.

  • Daily Time-Off

CIC provides staff with daily time-off that ranges from 1 ½ to 2 hours.  These are scheduled during meal times.

  • Weekly Time-Off

In addition to daily time-off you also receive one 20-hour break each week. This is a Wednesday or Friday from 5pm to 1:45 the following day.

  • Extended Time-Off

Each staff member will have one extended time- off. This is 27 hours. You have the opportunity to visit Avalon, the only major town on Catalina Island, hike the island, circumnavigate the island, or even travel to Los Angeles.

International Staff

International staff may submit an application to Catalina Island Camps but need to register with an international exchange company in their home country. International staff typically hold the positions of activity specialists. As a cultural exchange program, international staff receive pocket money and room and board in exchange for their participation in the camp program. Amounts are different than the regular salary of American staff.

Mainland Office for all programs

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