5 Reasons Kids Thank You for Summer Camp on Catalina Island

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Summer Camp on Catalina Island
Kids say Thanks for Overnight Summer Camp

You made the big decision to send your kids to Summer Camp on Catalina Island. Congratulations! Choosing the right kids summer camp can seem like an overwhelming task! There’s such a variety of camp types out there. There’s no one “perfect” camp for every single kid but Catalina Island Camps give kids (and parents) a lot of things to say thank you for.

Kids who go to Summer Camp on Catalina Island say “Thanks for reminding me it’s fun to be unplugged, Mom & Dad!”

You might be shocked to hear it, but most kids respond very positively to a break from their screens. It’s a lot easier to unplug away from home and peers and siblings who are also on devices all the time. At camp everyone is unplugged, so there’s less fear of missing out and no peer pressure to participate in online activities. At Catalina Island Camps face to face relationships flourish. Most kids find this refreshing and exhilarating.

Kids who go to Summer Camp on Catalina Island say “Thanks for giving me the chance to be my authentic self Mom & Dad! ”

Jumping into a situation where you don’t know anyone can be a little daunting, however many kids welcome the opportunity to hang out with a brand new social group. In fact they prefer to keep their home and camp friends separate. Camp is a special time where kids get a bit of a fresh start and can try out a new nickname, and leave social baggage behind.

Kids who go to Summer Camp on Catalina Island say “Thanks for encouraging me to try new things Mom & Dad!”

You probably encourage your kids to try new things all the time at home. But when you encourage your kids to go to camp, you encourage them to try new things independently, and that can make all the difference! Kids are often more adventurous and feel less pressured without parents hovering, even when those parents are their cheerleaders. When they return home proud of their accomplishments, they’ll thank you though!

Kids who go to Summer Camp on Catalina Island say “Thanks for introducing me to my counselors Mom & Dad! ”

Camp counselors at Catalina Island Camps are very carefully chosen. As “near peers” counselors have a special relationship and role with campers. They are mature enough to be trusted and responsible, but are close enough in age to be confided in. Counselors are positive influences, and kids welcome the opportunity to learn from these reliable and relatable new friends.

Kids who go to Summer Camp on Catalina Island say “Thanks for letting me be a kid this summer Mom & Dad! ”

So much pressure is placed on kids nowadays. From academic pressure, to social and extracurricular activities and the constant need to keep up with media, games, trends. Camp is a place where the routine is familiar and the old fashioned fun of summer day spent hiking and swimming and telling stories around a camp fire, is always prioritized. It’s amazing how much growth and learning can take place when the pressure is removed.


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