Lifelong Lessons Learned at Summer Camp

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For those adults who went to sleepaway camp as kids, summer camp was a huge part of their childhoods. They not only tried new activities like sailing, the ropes course, and water skiing but also made lifelong friends. They formed memories that will never leave them. The great life lessons learned from their camp experiences often prove useful in careers and overall life.


Summer camp gives many kids their first true sense of independence. Many former campers credit sleepaway camp experiences with helping them transition to college more smoothly. Sure, young campers might miss their parents and the comforts of home at first, it isn’t long before they realize how great it is to be independent. No one tells them to make their bed, how to dress, what to eat. These seemingly simple choices are the first taste of independence many campers get to experience, and the feeling can be very empowering. Looking back at camp, many people say this is when they first started thinking for themselves, managing their time, and feeling excited about making their own decisions.

Trying New Things

Trying new experiences is a part of childhood, but as people get older, they become less willing to move beyond their comfort zones. Sometimes, the best way to improve in your career is by trying new things – and that’s similar to how many adults recall their sleepaway summer camp experiences, a place where they would try new things, discover new passions, and perfect new skills. Experimenting will help you grow both professionally and personally, throughout your life.

Making Friends

Networking and creating alliances are critical in business. Many former campers recall their camp days and being exposed to different types of people than they knew at home. Learning how to make new friends, understand and appreciate different points of view and new personalities, and figuring how to fit into new situations at camp are great training for social situations later in life.

Survival Skills

Sharing a cabin with a group of strangers may feel awkward at first, but campers quickly learn to negotiate this situation and emerge stronger for it. Finding a new best friend or a group of campers to hang with might seem intimidating at first, but expert counselors are there to help facilitate the experience. Kids learn to manage all this and more at sleepaway camp. All these experiences help instill a sense of victory that carries through to adulthood, preparing them to succeed socially in college and their professional lives down the road.


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