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What is Badgework?

Our program is based on a two-week session. We have intentionally created our program to build day by day to the end.

The first week of camp is about getting to know your cabin mates, becoming a team together and an introduction to camp activities. The first week of camp is scheduled by the cabin group so that everyone tries every activity for their age group.

At the end of the first-week campers begin to have more choices over what they do at camp like choosing an overnight, evening program activity or a Thursday morning adventure. The biggest choices campers make are for their second-week activities. The CIC Badgework program tracks camper skill development.

At the end of their first week, campers submit activity choices and directors create an individual schedule for every camper for the second week of camp.

In addition to helping campers explore their personal interests, campers participate in activities with other campers who share their interests instead of by their cabin group.  Campers also take more responsibility for being ready for activities and their motivation for learning.

Our final dinner of the session is our Awards Banquet when campers are recognized for their achievements during badgework.

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