5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim

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Safety in the Water

Playing around in the water is a big responsibility, and kids who learn to swim also learn how to stay safe in the water. 

Preventing Drowning

It’s important for kids to know how to swim so they are prepared to help themselves in case they accidentally fall into the water or find themselves in trouble in the water. Drowning is the number 1 cause of death for kids ages 1-4.

Having Fun

With summer on the horizon, it’s important kids are prepared to safely enjoy the warm weather in the pool, lakes, and oceans. The best swim instructors use integrity, compassion, and trust to teach kids how to swim. When kids earn to swim, parents are able to confidently allow them to play in the water. 

Swimming is a healthy activity

Swimming provides healthy results.  Swimming offers all-over health benefits such as muscle strength, coordination, and aerobic fitness. Swimming isn’t just fun, it is also a way for kids to stay healthy.

Swimming is a critical lifelong skill

There is an old bit of wisdom that says teaching a child a foreign language is much easier than learning one as an adult.  In general, kids are equipped to learn new skills much more easily than adults.  This holds true for learning to swim. Kids are ready to learn to swim at a young age. Teaching them to swim now gives them the gift of a critical lifelong skill.

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