When is it Time for Sleepaway Summer Camp in California?

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When Should You Send Kids to Sleepaway Summer Camps?

It can be difficult deciding when your kid is old enough to go to sleepaway summer camps. In truth, there is no perfect age at which all kids are ready. Experts advise that you look for the following five signals when deciding if this summer is the right summer to send your kids to sleepaway camp.


Are your kids showing an interest in summer camp?

If your kids are showing an interest in summer camp, there’s a good chance they may be ready to explore an adventure at a sleepaway summer camp in California. Having mixed feelings about the experience is normal. They may be excited but also a little fearful. For younger campers, consider starting with a short session such as the week-long session at Catalina Island Camps.


Is your kid comfortable spending time away from you overnight, such as at a relative’s or friend’s house?

Another good indication that kids will do well at summer camp is that they have had positive experiences with overnights at relatives’ and friends’ homes. If your kids are used to and enjoy these outings, there is a good chance they will be more comfortable with their first sleepaway summer camp experiences.


Is your child willing to try new experiences?

Camp doesn’t require enthusiasm about all new experiences but many camps require kids to at least give activities a try. Catalina Island Camps offers kids a wealth of new experiences daily. Not all of them will be every camper’s favorite. Kids that are open to trying things, even if it means discovering it’s not for them, genuinely do well at camp.


Is your child physically/emotionally capable of doing the things that campers do daily?

Camp requires kids to be active and outdoors, and to interact with peers. This is not overly challenging in most cases but kids with specific disabilities and physical or emotional challenges may need to look at a sleepaway summer camp in California that can tailor the physical and social demands to their specific needs. It’s important to have frank discussions with camp staff that will set your child up for success.


Do you have a summer camp in mind that both you and your child feel comfortable with?

It’s not just kids who need to be “ready”. Parents need to be comfortable with a camp’s locations, policies, staff, and training practices, in order to inspire their kids with the confidence to have a successful experience at a sleepaway summer camp. This is why it is so important to do your research, speak to past attendees, attend information sessions and ask questions as you get to know the camps you are considering.


If you think your child may be ready to attend a sleepaway summer camp, look into our summer camp programs! Sleepaway summer camps in California are a great way for your child to make memories in a beautiful place like Catalina Island.