Summer Away Camps

Summer Away Camps

The Best Summer Away Camps have a Secret Perk for Parents


Up until now you have probably thought about sending your kids to summer camp as way to make their lives richer and better experiences. But have you considered the benefits to you? Yes you! The best kept secret about the best Summer Away Camps in Southern California is that when kids head off to summer sessions at these camps, their parents get to enjoy certain perks!


Don’t feel guilty. Camp is good for everyone! Here’s what you have to look forward to:


Alone time


Remember you? Remember “us”. When the campers are away, the grownups can play! Whether it is about reconnecting with your significant other, or taking that course you’ve been meaning to take, or simply sleeping in and walking around a quiet and clean house.


Kids who do chores more willingly


Kids do a lot of chores at camp, and get into the routine of doing chores. Don’t lose that momentum! Take advantage of the kids being used to taking out the trash, making their bed, cleaning their space, hanging their clothes and more..


Being appreciated


As much as kids love camp, they still love you, and all the special little things that only you know about them and do for them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So when you make their special favorite pancakes after camp, they actually appreciate it!


Happier Kids… Happier YOU


There is a saying that a parent is only as happy as their least happy child. We all know that this is universal truth. It’s tough to be happy when your kids are not happy. Conversely, as a parent, your heart soars when your kids are glowing with happiness and pride about their summer experiences at the best Summer Away Camps in Southern California.


This is what we like to think of as a win-win situation.


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