Why Catalina is the Perfect Location for Snorkeling

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Catalina has been a sought-after destination for families and individuals for years, and for good reason. Filled with pristine beaches, gorgeous harbors, and hidden coves, Catalina offers unparalleled views all across the island. Interesting sea life lurks beneath the crystal waters, making this an enticing opportunity for those looking to try out snorkeling. Let’s take a deep dive into some reasons why Catalina Island is the perfect location for snorkeling!

Air & Water Climates are Perfect for Catalina Island Snorkeling

The climate on Catalina Island is moderate all year round with winter temperatures averaging around 63 degrees F and the summer ranging in the 70s. Summer is the most ideal season to snorkel off the coast of Catalina, however, wetsuits allow snorkelers to feel comfortable throughout the year. 

Explore Aquatic Life While Snorkeling the Catalina Island Coast

As we mentioned, there’s plenty to see when diving through the waters along the coast of Catalina Island. From surf perch to rockfish, kelp bass to the bright orange garibaldi, you never know what you’ll spot while snorkeling at Catalina. If you’re lucky, you might even come across seals, sea lions, dolphins or whales!

Popular Catalina Island Snorkeling Spots

Lover’s Cove: This is one of the most popular locations for snorkeling as it provides a secluded diving experience. Marine life in the area includes rockfish, kelp bass, garibaldi, and sometimes octopus. 

Emerald Bay/Indian Rock: Emerald Bay gets its name from the crystal clear green color of the water. A popular west end diving location Indian Rock is located right in the middle of Emerald Bay. Just a short kayak or standup paddleboard from next door Howlands Landing and CIC, it is a location that our campers frequent on adventures. 

Avalon Dive Park: At Avalon Dive Park (also known as Casino Point), stairs make their way down into the water, an underwater garden boasts vibrant sea life and shipwrecks at Avalon Dive Park (also known as Casino Point). Sea cucumbers, schooling fish, lobsters, and horn sharks can all be seen as snorkelers peer down below. 

Catalina Harbor: Locals refer to this area as “Cat Harbor” and although there are no rentals in the area, there’s a public dock and plenty of sea life to be explored. 

About Snorkeling at Catalina Island Camps 

At Catalina Island Camps, one of our most popular activities among campers is snorkeling. Our highly trained staff members take campers on snorkels right in our cove called Howlands Landing. For some adventures, campers are able to experience some of the other fantastic locations along the west end.

Ready for a snorkel adventure? We provide campers with wetsuits, masks, snorkels and fins so all campers need to concentrate on is having fun! Don’t forget to enroll your child in camp today.