7 Tips to Finding the Right Sleepaway Camp

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Looking for the right sleepaway camp for your child takes thorough research and patience. If you’re currently searching but you’re unsure of which sleepaway camp is suited for your child, read on for some helpful tips from our experts. 

Tip #1: Talk to the Camp Director

The Camp Director will provide you with everything you need to know about sleepaway camp including camp counselor information, counselor-to-camper ratio, and how many campers are in each cabin. Feel free to ask the Camp Director for references and remember, they are always happy to answer any questions! 

Tip #2: Take a Tour of the Camp

Many camps offer virtual tours which can be a huge relief. Parents are able to see the camp and its facilities from the convenience of their own couch. If you’re unable to visit the summer camp or you’re having difficulty viewing the virtual tour, request a brochure for additional information. 

Tip #3: See What Activities the Sleepaway Camp Offers

Some sleepaway camps are designed for specific sports such as Basketball Camp or Football Camp. If you’re looking for a camp that offers an array of activities, make sure to do your research. A sleepaway camp that offers water sports, land sports, and arts and crafts will open your child to more opportunities and help to boost confidence. 

Tip #4: Does the Sleepaway Camp Have a Nurse, Lifeguard, etc. 

Ask if there is trained first aid staff at camp, how often they are there and how long they have been working with the sleepaway camp. Camps with pools or camps that are situated near the ocean, make sure there is a lifeguard on duty. You’ll also want to ask about camp counselors. How much training have they received? Are they prepared for emergencies? Are they CPR certified? 

Tip #5: How Does the Sleepaway Camp Handle Special Needs

If your child has food allergies or a medical condition, it’s crucial to see how the summer camp will accommodate. Young children may forget to take their medication or to carry their inhaler. See if camp counselors are able to assist. Additionally, if your child has a nut allergy, gluten allergy or is vegan, see what the menu options are. 

Tip #6: Read Reviews

What are other parents saying about the summer camp that’s piqued your interest? Check Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook. Social media accounts and aggregator sites are great ways to get honest feedback from parents whose children have been to the camp. 

Tip #7: How Do Camp Counselors Handle Discipline

Parents feel much more comfortable knowing sleepaway camps have principles and values. Find out about the core values of the camp along with their rules and restrictions. Ask how they resolve arguments and if there is a no bullying policy. It’s important for both the parents and campers to feel completely comfortable. 

About Our Catalina Island Sleepaway Camp

The team at Catalina Island Camps has years of experience providing campers with the best summer camp experience possible. We have tons of activities ranging from skin diving to sailing to gardening to ropes courses

We also have a health center with two on-site nurses, often aided by a visiting physician. The staff and medical personnel at our sleepaway camp watches the campers to ensure they have adequate rest, liquids and sunscreen. It’s our mission to make sure kids have both a fun and safe summer.