Reasons to Consider Sending Your Kids to Sleepaway Camp

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Sleepaway camp is an excellent way to get kids to unplug for the summer. Taking time to unwind, get in touch with nature and participate in outdoor activities has a slew of benefits for kids and teens. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should send your kids to sleepaway camp, our handy guide below will help you make a better decision. 

1. Kids Learn New Skills & Activities at Sleepaway Camp

Summer camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to develop new skills. Some of the activities offered at summer camp can be difficult to find elsewhere which is why many campers use this time to get involved in a variety of activities. For instance, kids may opt for paddleboarding or snorkeling if they don’t live near water. Ropes courses are also offered at some camps and provide kids a way to overcome heights. 

Some other skills and activities learned at camp include patience and hand-eye coordination through archery and teamwork through ice breaker games and field sports.

2. Building Long Lasting Friendships

Developing friendships at camp is simple, even for kids that are a bit more introverted. Camp counselors have an excellent way of introducing campers and kids often find a connection with their cabinmates. By exploring different activities, kids begin to bond over similar interests and form deep connections for years to come. Many kids even visit each other after camp!

3. Self-Growth & Individuality 

Kids are in an environment where there is no pressure. This in turn allows campers to discover who they are, uncover new talents and increase their independence. Sleepaway camp is designed for children to feel completely comfortable in their own skin and challenge themselves, whether it’s dabbling in arts and crafts or breaking out of their shell at a cozy campfire.

4. Kids Have Fun Without Electronics

As technology continues to advance, more and more kids are with handheld electronic devices which means they’re decreasing their time outdoors. At summer camp, however, every camper unplugs for the summer! They learn to have fun without checking social media and texting which leads them to delve into more sports and activities. Once home, kids will be less attached to their gadgets because they see the value in spending time outdoors and taking in their surroundings. 

5. Campers Learn About Teamwork

Many recreational sports and activities involve working together as a team and camp counselors also set up icebreaker activities so kids can get to know each other. While there’s plenty of time to be alone and reflect, summer camp is all about inclusion. Campers learn to work with peers who may have different interests or come from totally different backgrounds, and this is one of the many beautiful things about summer camp! Regardless of how different campers are from one another, they’re always working together to accomplish one common goal whether it’s winning a basketball game or reaching the top of a rock wall. 

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