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beautiful blue ocean water and blue sky

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim

Safety in the Water Playing around in the water is a big responsibility, and kids who learn to swim also learn how to stay safe in...

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campers flexing with a counselor

What Skills Do I Need to be a Summer Camp Counselor?

Getting a Summer Camp Job Through tremendous dedication and hard work, summer camp counselors are the ones who plan and organize the...

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top view of the dock and water

How to Spot the Best Summer Camps in Southern California

There are hundreds of camp opportunities for kids on the West Coast – so how do parents spot the best summer camps in Southern...

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boy and girl sitting in sailboat

The Best Summer Away Camps Have a Secret Perk for Parents

Up until now, you have probably thought about sending your kids to summer camp as a way to make their lives richer and better...

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two campers smiling for a photo in green shirts with their towels and water bottles

10 Fun Letters to Send Your Camp Kid

Letters for Kids at Summer Overnight Camps in California   Writing daily letters to kids at summer overnight camp can be an...

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kids in a boat

When is it Time for Sleepaway Summer Camp in California?

When Should You Send Kids to Sleepaway Summer Camps It can be difficult deciding when your kid is old enough to go to sleepaway...

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