I Heart Camp Day

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It’s finally here, Happy I ❤️Camp Day! 

What is I Heart Camp Day? 

As “Camp People”, we are extremely passionate and proud of each of our OWN camps. That’s why every year on February 1st, the entire Camp community comes together to celebrate I Heart Camp Day! A day where everyone from campers and camp staff, to people connected to Camp in various capacities, share their love for ALL types of Camp with the world.

How do you celebrate? 

It’s super simple! Take a photo, create a video, draw a picture, or write something up that includes yourself and the official I Heart Camp logo. Then, share your love across various social media platforms under the hashtag #IHeartCamp.

Of course, being that we are “Camp People” and Camp is all about the freedom to be uniquely YOU, many choose to put their individual creativity on full display through creating their own versions of the I Heart Camp logo. However you choose to celebrate, it’s all about loving camp!

Why we ❤️ Camp!


Have YOU shared your ❤️ for Camp yet?!?!