Surprise! Overnight Summer Camp is Good for Parents Too!

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Overnight Summer CampDozens of papers have  written about the benefits of overnight summer camp for kids. You’re probably looking forward to your kids acquiring important life & leadership skills like problem solving, out of the box creativity and teamwork. Maybe you are looking forward to them having a little screen-time detox too. It can be difficult to let go and send your kiddos off on this semi-independent adventure but with all that compelling evidence, it’s worth it. It’s all about the kids, right?

Guess again! Overnight summer camp is great for parents too.

Turns out that overnight summer camp is a great opportunity for adults to rest, relax, break from yearlong routines, try something new and grow as people as well. Here are some of the most common benefits of overnight summer camp, as reported by parents.

“Overnight summer camp gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill, start a new hobby or workout plan or launch a business.”
Kids, careers, and the general rush of the school year can eat up all your free time, making it hard to start a new routine or find the time to take a class. There’s always something pressing keeping you from kicking off. Take some time for yourself, you might be amazed at what you can accomplish in a week or two!

“Overnight summer camp gave me the space to reconnect with my partner.”
Remember that person you decided to spend your life with? The one that you see occasionally for date night, if you are lucky? Many parents report that sending kids to camp has given them the much-needed space to bond as a couple again. Whether that means binge watching your favorite series, blaring your favorite music and dancing on the couch, sleeping in and eating breakfast in bed… Camp time is your time to re-unite and rekindle.

“Overnight summer camp made it possible for me to travel!”
Not all trips are family friendly. Take a moment to review your bucket list. Is there a place you’ve always longed to see, a trail you’ve wished you could hike or a retreat you’ve wanted to go to, if only there was someone to watch the kids? This may be your perfect time to book that trip for you.

“Overnight summer camp made it possible for me to just chill and break from routines and stress.”
Everyone can use a staycation. Summer camp gives you a chance to re-set, re-evaluate and re-calibrate before heading into the madness of a new school year. That’s not just a gift for a kid. That’s an amazing gift for a parent as well. Read a book, reconnect with old friends, take some me time.

“Overnight summer camp improved my relationship with my kids.”
You might be surprised by the change that has come over your kids when they get home from camp. The same kid that whined about putting their dishes in the sink, is suddenly clearing the table AND recycling. Voluntarily! Camp has a magic way of establishing good habits, without battles. At camp, simple chores are part of group expectations and a matter of routine. It’s not about a parent/child struggle. Camp can help you to break free from a rut and appreciate your kids, and they you!

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