Is Your Child Ready for a California Adventure Camp?

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How do you know when your child is ready for adventure camp in California? It would be incredibly convenient if there was a universal age at which kids were ready for camp. Or a simple test, like when they can pack an overnight bag and show an interest in lanyard crafts. But the truth is that different kids mature at different rates and show that they are ready for adventure camp in California, differently.

Fortunately, there are some signs that parents can look for that indicate their kids might be ready for a session or two at an overnight California adventure camp.

Interest in Adventure Camps in California

Showing interest in camp is a sure sign that your kid is or may soon be ready to go to camp. Do they have peers or friends who have attended? Have they visited a camp? If your child is showing interest in a California adventure camp, arm yourself with some information about the camp so you can knowledgeably explore what they are thinking and get a feel for how they would feel about attending an upcoming session. 

Many California adventure camps offer sessions that are perfect for first-time campers, such as Catalina Island Camps one week sessions at the start and close of the summer season. Kids as young as first grade are able to attend these week-long sessions their first summer and get a taste of summer camp without being overwhelmed.

Successful Overnights with Friends & Family

Kids who are comfortable spending the night away from their parents, either with friends or family members, are generally better candidates for California adventure camps. If your kid has not spent time away from you, you might want to try arranging for some overnights with a trusted friend or family member to see how they do.  Generally, kids who are ready for overnight camp are seven or older and have happily “camped” away from their parents for a night or two in the past.

Willingness to Try New Things

One thing is certain and constant for kids attending their first summers at camp. New experiences! Whether it’s sleeping in a bunk, trying a new sport or a new food, or learning a song. New experiences can quickly become fun and familiar routines, but in order for this to happen, kids have to be willing to try new things. If your child embraces these sorts of challenges, loves to try new things and is dying to get out there and zipline, this is a great sign that they are ready for California adventure camps!


Catalina Island Camps – California Adventure Camp!

One of the best ways to explore whether your child is ready for an adventure camp is to chat with a camp director about your child and their program. Camp directors are knowledgeable about what ages and stages kids should be at, in order to thrive at summer camp. Every child and every camp is very different. 

Whatever the age of your child, if they are interested in summer camp, go ahead and talk more and gather some information. Summer camp is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child! Learn all the ways your child can benefit from a California adventure camp, and contact us today!