Prepping Your Teen for a Digital Detox at Summer Camp

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A fantastic and screen-free summer can be a reality for teens who attend summer camp for teenagers. But you might want to prep a little beforehand.

The Importance of a Digital Detox

One of the hardest things for kids (and parents) to deal with when heading to a summer camp for teenagers in California is the digital detox – the sudden absence of screens and games in their lives, as well as the loss of constant connectivity to parents, friends and the internet.

Ironically, it’s also one of the most healthful and important aspects of overnight summer camp for teens.

Screens are so embedded in our daily lives that it can be hard to imagine life without the ability to suddenly and silently convey a thought to a friend or family member (via text) or to look up the answer to a question (hello Google) or to send a photo to your posse (selfie!).  All of these activities are second nature and most of us, and our kids are truly hooked.

The difference between kids and adults is that most adults can recall what it was like to communicate and interact in the pre-smartphone era. Most kids cannot even imagine it! They have grown and developed in an era where face-to-face, one on one time almost always includes a third entity in the form of a device. Overnight summer camps for teenagers in California might be the only chance that some kids get to experience life unplugged, while their minds are still developing.

Surprisingly, most kids do just fine with a digital detox, and hardly miss their devices after a day or two at camp. They are simply too busy and having too much fun to recall that they don’t have their phones. 

But they may experience some anxiety in the time leading up to camp. You can ease this anxiety by detoxing a bit at home in the weeks leading up to camp. Some of the following practices might help your kid prep for a digital detox, and therefore be more comfortable at camp.


How to Prep Your Teen for a Digital Detox

Cell Phone Free Meals

Create a time and place where diners are more present and able to interact with one another without the distraction of devices.

Family Game Night

Participating in fun and lively games and group discussions, without the distraction of a device is a great way to build confidence in your camper that they will be just fine without texting.

Outdoor Activities and Artistic Pursuits

Swimming, tennis, rock climbing and pottery throwing – any active sport or artistic endeavor that requires two hands, is a good way to practice being present. When you are enjoying an activity you forget to check your device. Seek out these types of activities and make your kids conscious of this if and when it happens.

Digital Curfew 

If your kids are used to texting at night and falling asleep while watching a video or listening to their music, you might want to start a new routine prior to leaving for camp. Digital curfews are proven to be healthy for sleep and will set your camper up for greater comfort when headed off to a screen-free summer camp.


Catalina Island Camps – Overnight Summer Camp for Teens in California

Your teens may surprise you by asking you to put down your phone when they get back from a screen-free overnight summer camp. Learn more about how your child can benefit from a digital detox with a summer camp experience at Catalina Island Camps today!