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A job as a staff member at Catalina Island Camps is extremely demanding and you should only consider applying for a position if you love working with children and staff in a close-family environment. Life at camp requires staff members to sacrifice their normal living habits and serve as role models to our campers. This job is not for everyone! Successful staff are dynamic, energetic and patient people who enjoy being around their peers and children. They are also able to recognize that children need support and encouragement to be responsible adults and that camp is about having fun.  It is our experience that staff who love being outdoors and don’t mind being dirty & hot, get the most out of their time at camp.

This is an opportunity to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of children. You will be asked to be a leader and role model for a group of children, even when you are off the clock.  The campers will want  and need you to play Speed and Mafia with them, tie their shoes, grab their water bottles and talk about Fortnight and just growing up. They will want you to be their friend and confidant. They will also want you to guide and watch out for them.  You will need to be mentally strong  enough to tell a camper “no”, repeatedly encourage them to clean up the cabin with you and help them learn to get along with and show respect  to all of their cabin mates. Most importantly you have to be able to handle the temporary tension these things create between the two of you. These are difficult things to do and they require a person who is flexible and patient and has an growth-mind set.

While role modeling for campers is the most important aspect of your job, you also have an incredible opportunity to develop friendships with other staff. There is something special about living and working with people who share your enthusiasm for working with children from all over the globe. At the end of the summer you will be amazed at the friendships you have made.

Our location and activities can only contribute so much to the success of our program. We have campers return year after year and when we ask them why, they often reply, “Because I loved my counselor.” At the same time, we have campers who choose not to return, because their experience was ruined by their counselors as well. Whether campers return to CIC or another adventure, it is our job to provide them with a positive experience and a large part of this success is the quality of the staff we hire.

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