Summer Camp Goals Journal

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Coed Sleepaway Camps in California

Summers at coed sleepaway camps in California are loaded with summer “bucket list” activities. For most coed sleepaway camp attendees, summer camp is a time of rapid personal growth.

Why not help your kid remember and celebrate this special time at sleepaway camp with a “Summer Camp Goals” Journal.

Even if your sleepaway camp camper is not much of a writer, this sort of journal is fun and easy to use. Purchase a blank journal, lined or unlined, and DIY the section tabs to highlight your camper’s experience.


Sample sections for a “Summer Goals” journal:

Learn a New Skill

This is a place to write things like the instructions/recipes for campfire cooking, what it’s like to zipline and how to recognize a sea cucumber while skin diving.


Make a New Friend

Record phone numbers and addresses of the friends you want to stay in touch with. Play a game of Gaga. Record plans for a friendship bracelet. Write down the lyrics to a camp song.


Try a New Food

Keep a food diary of your favorite (and least favorite) camp delicacies.


Face a Fear

Congratulate yourself for doing something that feels scary. Or just record the best campfire “ghost stories” you’ve heard or come up with.



Write about the times things didn’t work out as planned. There are so many lessons in failing with grace.



Include a section with top ten lists of your favorite moments, counselors, activities, meals, etc. Leave space for campers to invent their own topics!


Catalina Island Camps – A California Coed Sleepaway Camp

Attending a sleepaway camp in California is sure to make a lasting impression on your kid. Summer Goals journals can help you preserve the memories for a lifetime

If you’re still searching for the right camp, browse through Catalina Island Camps’ activities and read about our summer camp to help make your decision!