Archery For Kids at Summer Camp

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Summer camp is a great way to introduce kids to new activities, introduce them to new sports, and to generally help them discover new passions. One such sport that draws in huge numbers of campers each summer is archery. If you don’t know a lot about archery for kids, consider these helpful bits of information:

Why Archery is Good for Kids

1. Archery Improves Mental Focus and Physical Strength

To hit the bullseye, you need to focus on the target. You also need to solidly position yourself and control your chest, shoulders, hands and arms as you hold the arrow, all of which help develop upper body strength.

2. Archery Helps Develop Both Life and Classroom Skills

Archery for kids can be used to teach skills both in the field and in the classroom.  Not only do kids need to learn to be very aware of their surroundings, they need to be attuned to what their fellow archers are doing. Archery is considered as a friendly physical sport that enhances body fitness and sportsmanship. And while many summer campers may never realize it, trying to align for that perfect shot requires them to determine area and perimeter, just as in geometry!

3. Archery Creates a Sense of Accomplishment

Archery is a sport that involves individual effort. As campers learn to perfect their skills, they grow increasingly confident about their ability to pull back a string, aim at their target, and carefully loosen their grip as the arrow flies into the target. Kids who take part in this sport build on their confidence and self-esteem, and they often enjoy showing off their newfound prowess to other campers.

4. Archery For Kids is Just a Heck of a Lot of Fun

Anyone who has ever hit the bullseye in a game of darts or scored the last-minute equalizer in a soccer match knows the rush of excitement that comes with that accomplishment. At the end of the day, as kids get better and better with their aim, they feel a sense of excitement. Most are in high spirits after a series of successful hits.

5. Archery Develops Disciplined Behavior and Strategy

Archery employs rules that kids need to follow, such as having the right stance and vision even before they are allowed to shoot an arrow.

Student archers can draw clear parallels between their time of the archery range and general rules in society that both govern us and give us freedom at the same time.

6. Archery Helps Kids Set Goals

Archery is a sport that demands long-term attention, time, energy, and focused concentration. Basically, you learn not to shoot an arrow until you are ready, and that a lot goes into “getting ready.” As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”  Archery is a sport that requires campers to begin slowly and work their way to the top by setting goals and deploying strategy.

7. Archery at Camp is a Safe Activity

Did you know that archery is considered an exceptionally safe sport for children?  This amazing fact is backed up by the Archery Trade Association, which cites statistics showing that archery’s safety factor is right between golf and bowling!


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