Benefits of Sending your Kids to Overnight Summer Camps in Southern California

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There are many benefits of sending your child to an overnight camp in Southern California, but there are a few gems we hear about time and time again!

Here are 10 reasons why parents send their kids off to summer camps like Catalina Island Camps.  

Why an Overnight Summer Camp Experience Can Benefit Your Child’s Growth


Confidence is at the top of the list for many parents. They can’t help but notice a certain swagger in their kid’s steps at the end of a camp session!


Independence goes hand in hand with confidence! When campers come back from an overnight summer camp in Southern California, they often demonstrate a willingness to “do for themselves” in ways that surprise parents.

New Skills 

Kids learn new skills at overnight summer camps in Southern California. Clearing the table and cleaning the cabin, skin diving and composting? No problem. These new skills are a part of their newfound independence and confidence.

New Friends 

Who can’t use more friends in their life? Kids tend to really bond with summer camp friends. Friends made at overnight summer camps in Southern California, are often friends for life!

Parent Quality Time. Who said camp is just for kids? Parents can take advantage of their kid’s time away to bond and spend some time on themselves and their own relationships.

Sibling Quality Time 

Oftentimes when one child attends overnight summer camp in Southern California, another child stays home. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to spend some more quality time with the kids who are at home.

Screen-Free Time 

When was the last time your kid spent an entire day without texting or looking at a tablet or computer? In our busy society we just don’t separate from our devices for very long. Although most parents can recall a time when they sat around a table and played with friends without stopping to post a photo, our kids cannot. Camp gives them the chance to experience life without the devices.

Social/Emotional Reset 

We all could use a chance to escape the labels and routines of our daily life. Kids who struggle academically, athletically or socially, are gifted with the chance to start over in a brand new and different setting when they attend overnight summer camp in Southern California. Moreover, they bring that new and improved positive self image home with them.

Attitude Adjustments 

Even the best kids can benefit with an attitude adjustment on occasion. Whether it’s about their willingness to do household chores, or take direction from a peer, overnight camp in Southern California gives kids many chances to model positive behavior, and meet adult expectations. They often return home with a renewed willingness to take out the trash… without complaining!

Physical Conditioning 

One of the best side effects of being outdoors and active at overnight summer camp is coming home in great shape! Camp gets kids to do what they do best, naturally and without stigma. Going outside and playing is the best way to get and stay fit!


Now that you know some of the many benefits of sending your child for a summer camp experience, contact us to get more information about Catalina Island Camps summer camp programs.