What Do Kids Learn about Friendship at Summer Camp?

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Summer camp is an important part of childhood development. Whether it’s building confidence, engaging in new activities or connecting to nature, there’s always something for children to learn at camp. Along with these significant aspects, children continue to come back to the summer camp year after year as they can reconnect with old friends and build new friendships with campers from across the world. Did you know some of the friendships made at camp are the strongest ones? Many of our campers remain friends through adulthood. In fact, according to the American Camp Association, 96% of campers say that camp helped them make new friends. 

Let’s take a further look at what kids learn about friendship at summer camp.

Camp Teaches Kids How to Build Lasting Relationships

Many of the activities at summer camp are group activities which means there are plenty of opportunities for kids to work alongside peers with similar interests. The first interaction at summer camp is typically with the camp counselor who is here to ease kids into the camp experience. One of the major perks of working with a counselor is they are always on the lookout for kids who get along with each other. They’re excellent at introducing kids who share the same hobbies or have the same personality traits. This makes it much easier for new campers to start building friendships.

Camp Encourages Kids to Be More Accepting

With kids from all around the world attending summer camp, there’s going to be plenty of time for campers to learn new and exciting things. Whether it’s being introduced to a new language, participating in a new sport, or trying out new food in the dining hall, summer camp is all about acceptance; accepting other campers’ interests, food choices, and culture. Because of the diversity at summer camp, children are able to create deep bonds by sharing new experiences together.

Friends Feel Like Family at Summer Camp

Many summer campers visit their new summer camp friends throughout the school year and once they return to camp, it’s like stepping into a second home. Even children who are homebodies are eager to come back to camp to see their friends each summer. 

Friendships at Catalina Island Camps

At Catalina Island Camps, kids get to connect with nature without the distraction of TV, social media, cell phones and video games. This means they have much more time to get to know themselves and their peers, and have more face-to-face interactions. While we have new campers each year, we have an astounding number of returning campers who call Catalina Island Camps their home away from home. New campers are always given a warm welcome from our staff and get to participate in plenty of fun activities to help them open up and bond with their cabin mates.