How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

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Sleepaway camp in Southern California is an experience like no other. With the sun shining nearly every day of the year, this is the perfect location for outdoor activities. Snorkeling, ropes courses, paddleboarding, and sailing are just a few of the thrilling outdoor activities you’ll find at  a sunny California summer camp. Considering sleepaway camp for your child but unsure if he or she is ready? Read on for some helpful tips from our experts! 

1. Your Child Can Take Care of Their Own Hygiene

While younger children might need some help remembering to brush their teeth or take a shower, they should know how to do this by themselves. This is one of the main indicators used by the ACA to determine if your child can handle sleepaway summer camp.

2. Successful Sleepovers 

If your child is frequently having sleepovers with friends and family members, then they’re probably ready for sleepaway camp. On the other hand, if your child has never spent a night away from home, we recommend having your child spend a night away with friends or relatives. See if your child enjoyed the experience, ask about sleep patterns, signs of anxiety, and even ask the parent or relative how your child did! 

3. Learning New Activities & Having New Experiences

Sleepaway camp is all about getting out of one’s comfort zone, experiencing new activities, and  meeting people from all areas of the world. Have you noticed your child jumping at the opportunity to try new activities? Perhaps they’re eager to make new friends. These are both clear indicators that your child is ready for sleepaway camp.

4. Easily Follow Instructions

Does your child take direction easily and follow the rules?If so, sleepaway camp should be a breeze. There will be camp counselors and staff members providing kids with instructions and rules for a variety of activities, bed time, meal time, and more. 

5. They’re Strong Swimmers

In Southern California, water activities are a major component of every summer camp. From paddleboarding to snorkeling, there’s a sea of opportunity when it comes to water sports. While every summer camp has lifeguards, it’s important that your child is a confident swimmer so he or she can thoroughly enjoy each and every water activity. 

Catalina Island Camps: Southern California’s Best Sleepaway Camp

Catalina Island Camps is recognized as one of the best sleepaway camps in Southern California. Not only do we encourage campers to unplug for the summer and connect with nature, but we help them get out of their comfort zone and engage in new activities. 

Some of our summer camp activities include: 

  • Sailing
  • Gardening and composting
  • Target sports
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Skin Diving

If you feel your child is ready for sleepaway camp in Southern California, give us a call at 626.296.4040 or request a free brochure to learn more!